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I don't use anything party staff. Would there be an ingredient. Here are an ingredients. Say in south africa that you can't readily get here. Well try to source and yeah. There are a few things like for example. If i'm making a a lemon meringue pie or just it different the marine price. You watch the irish used to the basis made with biscuit base There's a packet of biscuit schooled. Tennis biscuits on the yeah. They thought they they traditional tea biscuits with africa they square biscuits. They have toasted coconut in them. Not the bashar. Tolo were kind of biscuits were. I think they changed them to round ones now but they were to square biscuit and there was a kind of a coconut cooked into them. Fairy very morrison very case. Yeah yeah so. I get those just made up my own combination digestive. I touched my own coaching. The face to face. Yeah so where can. Where can people get your stuff. Okay so you can go into neighbor foodstuffs i e And you would look me up there. It's kearns kitchen. I'm so i would use this system. Or market connections and cork's she fouling colleague sephardic and milo less also based in blarney on my facebook page Kearns kitchen you can find me on there And my order form is on teach. Yeah you're a huge fan way. Wouldn't you be a very large market. And those things marcus. One of my favorite places on the first taste actually visited. When i came here to court and i just love being able to go and speak to the austin butchers You know chat about which to me. I'd like yeah it's just it's you know you can't ready. Guess everything in the regular retail. So it's nice to be to go and speak to those butchers on just you know what you say. Say how the hell can you have pork belly. Crackly you're wrong. You're not wrong okay. Might not be good for us like all right. This is a great talking to your car. Car in austin currents kitchen corks ninety-six six fm. Welcome to another episode of ask tomorrow. I'm your host tomorrow better. Sleep makes for a better me and casper's cooling collection has everything hot sleepers need to keep cool all night long like the wave hybrid snow mattress for over twelve hours of cooler sleep. Okay next caller high tomorrow any to break up with my boyfriend any suggestions get him a breathable mattress protector. It helps hot sleeper stay cool. I think i'll just go with flowers. Yeah none of my ex's appreciated the mattress protector. Either casper love your tomorrow..

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