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And cons of both. How some of the cons that are around buying. Sometimes you can go around actually cotton's at all. And then, you know, we've had just simple ones that are just like how to buy a house the whole process step by step, and and the channel property Queen just property queens is on YouTube YouTube. Yep. If you get you guys got to go check it. I did a recent video with the football Super Bowl spin. And I mean, they're all out there rocking it out. And it's it's a good video, ma'am. But check, oh, it's always. Yeah. We had the whole titan stadium to ourselves. Yeah. It was so much fun. And you have to tell us how you pulled that one off. Yeah. Had some connection. But health all that. And we had like alone. You didn't answer that. Nike. No to get everyone ready for the Super Bowl and patriots are my team. So of course in that jersey. Cutter Mike off she's done. You can't take anything away from Brady's. Whether you like me eight is a quarterback. So David why is it so hard for builders to build an affordable house? I mean economics. I mean, how expensive is dirt around Nashville right now. You're it depends. I mean, looking for lots around Nash, you're looking gonna play at least one hundred thousand pad just toward the infield stuff on normal four hundred thousand dollar house even out development areas. You know, you might be who knows ten to twenty thousand in in broad dirt. But by the time you develop it that could be an additional thirty five to sixty to seventy seven thousand dollars additional from the cost to the acquisition cost. And of course. So now, you're gonna clean fifty and seventy thousand hours before you even start building. So you're between one hundred fifty potentially the two hundred thousand or more just for the dirt before you start foundation. And absolutely. So then by the time, he built a house, you know, good size three bedroom. House easily you're at four hundred thousand. You can do it cheaper. When you're looking at, you know, the smaller you build more at cost per foot. Right. Yeah. Everything in and. It's just, you know, try it then prices Dale its economy is where everything's good. So the prices for everything costs more is good for everybody. Not just a seller. Right. I wanted to make sure we touched on that. Because a lot of people will look at a builders and say why charge so much of that house? You don't necessarily see the cost of it started with that on one thousand two hundred thousand just for the third and in certain areas you got metro ordinance where if you've got a sidewalk or their sidewalks in the area they're wanting to put a sidewalk in. I mean, we've talked with Chris Corbeau a couple of times about some properties in east Nashville where it was like ad in sixteen to twenty five thousand dollars more per house. Just for this concrete sidewalk that's mandated by the city codes AC. See there's all this stuff that goes in behind the scenes at the normal person doesn't see. But yet all they see is Watson house four hundred thousand watts at five, and why can't you build some two hundred thousand or the dirt's cost in two hundred thousand in some cases are more. Yeah. So it's there's a lot of things behind behind it, all it's not just a simple conversation for us to have a mean, there's there's ways, but then it just I don't wanna see you get politics and on the other stuff in place. But it's there's there's a lot you know in in. Williamson county, you know, you have a lot of fees for schools, and and the other taxes and stuff like that. And now they I mean, it's not. It goes to something. But the buyer doesn't understand that don't understand that it cost distant fees. We might be twenty to thirty thousand dollars more in a different county than we are somewhere else. Yeah. There's a lot of lot of factors. Yeah. Me it's every every I mean, heck, you can have different CDs are different areas within like Davidson that'll charge you you might be able to get permits in one area that's five grand. But then you're two miles down the road, not paying twenty five grand for the same permits, and the average person can't understand I can't necessarily understand it other than okay? Oh, it's zip code. So that much more to give me a permit, really? And it changes all the time. We it's hard for us to understand sometimes. Yeah. So it's there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes that creates affordability issues. I mean, it's just it's not just the home price it self. It's how did you get to that home prices? I mean of there's a lot of his transferred out. We would love to be able to a main. We'd love to be. I mean, it's got to. I mean, we've been saying for years on the show. This just the.

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