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Her going on shows and things of that nature. I mean she can stop doing what she's going to be a star. She is yeah. She's going going to be a fashion mogul. She'll I am endorsing Matt from province for Secretary of state by the way so you nominated. Aj and now you look healthy. That means you pretty much went. I like a healthy electoral process. I don't WanNa get in the way of that. Well he was. I this idea that he's going to lunch with these currying favour with on Air People and dumping my Guy Nico Nope I gotta back off again. The nominee Matt. I think I think I have to or endorse endorsement welp assure indoors unanimous saying he was my guy yesterday and I think Steve liked him as well. I don't care yeah I mean I'm just saying that's my guy. All right. Yeah we have to do. He finally satiate lunch. Things Strangers Steve. It's odd yeah definitely cover up going on. We'll never on the air. You're not bringing up on the air. I know she said it on there. Where in that song? She said we have a date Eh famous song that we're taking song told me Steve's running a bed and breakfast in your yearning for Mama Gary Yeah. I didn't think that interesting. Should I have said. Hey by the way folks that we've talked with aged couple. Do you think either of US could have gone to dinner with a fan and not brought up if I with. Aj bring up on the show. Sure you is your show though but you're on the show if if I said hey guys I'm going to lunch with Aj today you can say oh great. That's terrific conversation. Great now salutes. Hey could you pay your high your high going on. Something's going on so we're we're having sex but it's more like a like I know like I'd like to have more but he's sexual sexual things go. I'm going to do my best to get you. That's what you said the thing yesterday. Yeah Yeah Yeah you did you. Did you play. We know I wield a lot of power and I believe I believe that yet. But what. What's The fucking point of having lunch with this purse? She asked me to go to lunch. And I know that I'm not good at that. So if if she launched saved my life I would probably say no. She met her. You would probably say no to a strange might say yes guarantee you. This is not a criticism another Christmas and the same time. If any minute by Mike Lynch you go with them. Know anybody who has isn't find out today. We're you're telling me. Give me a a good solid minivan Stephen Providence. Yeah you'd say yes to that I mean I'd say yes to that. EJ You'd say yes to. I'd say maybe Matt from provinces. Yeah you know maybe you'd say yes from is if they said could we don't on Tuesday. I'm very good at saying. Oh No I have something to do. Even if I don't but it was an open ended thing it's going to the time. When are you free? I don't know senator sure we'll figure it out and then you never responded with again. How long how how good the lunch last? I mean now forty five minutes. Whatever an hour and forty five forty five minutes to an hour who ended it did was she like all right? Mike I gotta go. I went back to work. Yeah who went back to work. Aj Oh and fashion or something. Does she give you a writer hours right around the corner now place in my neighborhood. There's there's nothing more here. There's something there's something he's leaving out this secretly date. Oh it's not that sort of mentor. Like hey hanging there. I've been their kid like his friends. I'm GONNA say this. Aj maybe a future partner for Gerry. Callahan sure yeah. Okay Jared WanNa do. I mean whether we're giving too much credit here. No I mean maybe the Under Secretary of state that's which is a five positions a figurehead position. Let's be real well. What if Maverick province dies? The Secretary of State doesn't really do anything bureaucracy. RANCID good point. Do you find the WHO actually own the restaurant your ad or no. Oh I did not know what's important coverage on Red Robin or now it takes me chain..

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