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Clearwater, Penelas County, Tampa Bay discussed on Todd Schnitt


I guess it was yesterday morning was out of the plaza across the street from the university's square mall that was what is that torch the other night is that what chance and yeah yeah yeah yeah I grew up not very far from university square mall you know I didn't thirty first and and north port Avenue and so that you know that area I know that parking lot well my mom used to go to the the triple a there all the time so to see that that that building on fire was just really really sad it was only explain for those that are tuned in around the country banners in Clearwater which is in the Tampa Bay area it's in Penelas county he's talking about across Tampa Bay over in Hillsborough County and he's talking about this shopping center it's on Fowler Avenue it's not far away from the university of South Florida USF's main campus and this is an area near the university mall and there's a big sporting good store clothing store called champs which was burned and looted and that's what he's referring to it's it's right off of I two seventy five and Fowler in Tampa for those that want to get a picture if you're around the country you don't know the area well but.

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