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Questions. Had To win before we. Go. Nuts only read the question. Now you've done voice over as green lantern? Fix Six. Flags. What would you want your superpower to be if you could have won? Oh. My Gosh. I think I would want my superpower to be able to fly. I like. Traveling, easier for you tim well exactly and that probably comes from years of living in La. Where on a daily basis I wish. I could just why Horrible traffic. yes. Yes. All right, and you also did voiceovers for Web MD is that correct? So I'm going to put you to work here. If you could warn the viewers of the possible side effects of listening to podcasts. With. Your web MD. will. Be Aware that the. Sherpur. Screening Room could have possibles unintended side effects listed with caution. At your own. Owned I didn't WanNa make it too dreary. I would have been. Okay. Wouldn't be offended. I like side effects include nausea. No no pal I actually I enjoy your interviews sil-. So I would give you actually a passing grade from the doctor and I know you do a lot of different accents. Do you have like a favorite accent that you like to do? That may be just kind of break into every once in a while. I. Mean I would say that it has to be the one that I only got to use for the very first time last year my entire career and that's the one that I grew up with because I grew up talking like this and tell us about twelve years old and then I kind of. Got Rid of it but I mean I seriously. I grew up talking like this is a kid. This is this is it and And believe it or not. I never got to use that the whole time. Every single time tire career would I would audition for role that used used it I. Never never both did they I they well. Yeah and then finally last year I booked a series where I got to use it over a non episodes of that series so. Of Fun for me, but you know what it'd been. So long since I've been using it that I had actually think about. Well now that you back home, do you find yourself slipping into Your Kentucky? Voice or oh, sure Abed but not completely. So you know when I when I spent time in La know course everyone around you speaking Sir Wayne you search sort of volunteer advocate up back here Kentucky. Yes. Everyone is speaking with a bit of an accent now. Wearing them now is near Louisville Kentucky. So the accent is not as thick as it is in southeastern Kentucky blight, you cannot help. But pick it up in fall into it a bit when it's around you all the time and it's part of the fun of it. I know you said, there were a couple of things that you can't discuss because if we're just kind of waiting for things are there any projects that we should keep an eye open for you? Yes there are So that pact is, is that series that I worked on last year and that's going to be coming out us. posibly this fall and then the musical is called a day at the White House that in rehearsals for and so stay tuned on bad it'll be. Fantastic win audiences can come back and we can put that up working. I look forward to that the series which I signed it in the four cannot talk about the details of that. But what I can say is that it A very well known star of a couple of other series. If you go onto IMDB. So I m D dot me Ford slashed White Turner That's Miami, IMDB page and. I'm listed on there as rumored for that series. So if you do a little detective work, you can probably figure it out. and. There's a film that supposed to come out in California desert's. Bat his been postponed because of the pandemic would love to see that go forward and then the runway show may go forward in the fall. We'll see we'll see there's been some talk about it. And then there's another project that I was actually just The producer. A project is actually getting ready to release another up film that he did and I was just talking to him about moving court at some point with a feature film version of A. Product that I did a teaser for last year and so So we'll see if that goes forward but very interesting thing was. An an actress that you know some of the sometimes you think like, wow, the synchronicity of why the chances of that happening. So the. Actress that I worked with on that. For that project I saw just two random points recently just like I mean like the chances were a one in the mail yet and in it happened within the same week. So So that was very interesting. We laughed about it and said. Maybe this is a sign that the project will go forward and then I ended up talking to the producer. So all badges completely random. So. We've been talking to you Mr Turner and I'm sure your mom is really proud of you being a good son in taking care of her and everything we wish all the best for her well. Thank you and try out. She's a sweet Apple Pie mom and I'm happy to. Be here for wasn't for her some happy to do everything I can for her and. You know people want to find out more about me go to Dwight Turner Dot Com. They can also reach out and contact me through the website there and and thank you for having me on the show today. This was flying. Yes. Definitely. Check out the website because you can see everything that dwight stuns afar and video clips of the things that you've been in as well. So people will get an idea of the roles that you play. Thanks I try try to area. You can probably see from from those clips I try I do both drama and comedy and I try to do different things all the time although I've landed to that lineup of detectives in doctors but I still try to to bury my work is fun but that. I'm sure whatever you'RE GONNA. Do It's going to be great and thanks for coming by well. Thank you. If you haven't heard about anchor, it's the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain it's free. There's Chretien tools that allow you to record an editor podcast right from your phone or computer. Anchor will distribute your podcast for you. So it can be heard on spotify apple podcasts and many more pod casting platforms. You can even make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. It's everything. You need to make a podcast all in one place download the free anchor APP or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started. Let's get back to the Sherpa. Thanks a lot for coming down to the shop screaming room and special. Thanks. to Mr Turner our guest for today, and you know when some of his projects do come out after all this pesky little corona virus stuff. I'll let you know about that. Okay. We'll be in touch with Dwight and maybe he can actually come back on the show in disgusted a little bit more in depth. Hey are you a rebel of the pollution? A rabble of the SHERP pollution you get to rebel against Oh something I don't know. If you aren't. You can.

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