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It's nick and nick here with you today. You better you bet on q. On this wednesday. Ken barclay recovering from an appendectomy. Shoot ken some well-wishers over on twitter at laki lockers and nick ashu in for ken barclay today. So it's nick and nick shoot nicot twitter. Follow doing a great job on the show today just gave you knicks. Mba nuggets of knowledge in the previous segment is favourite futures. Bets for the coming year nichols on twitter at nick and i c. k. a. s. h. o. h. Be sure to shoot him that twitter follow coming up next hour on the show drew. Dentists gonna join us role pal. The whale capper from nbc sports edge mlb futures with myself neck. And eli hershkovich. Coming up next hour including al cy. Young and nl. Cy young could be decided in the days to come. Jeff eisenberg from f. as well. bmw championship pecs power. Our final hour. All our bets for tonight but right now we close out our number two of the show by welcoming in our pal jeff. Sherman doesn't outstanding job over at the west gate super book out in las vegas. He is on twitter at gulf. Odds jeff welcome to you better. You bet nick koscnik. Nick ashu bacterial on this wednesday. Haven't talked to you since we were on that. Bet fest panel together a couple of months ago before the nba playoffs. How you doing great. Great and yeah. I chimed in late on that one at some technical difficulties so it has been a while. I think we all pretty much. Just assume at some point we're going to do a technical difficulties with everything we've had to use it over the last half. What's your perspective. We were talking earlier about teddy bridgewater getting a starting job in denver. Some people see this as a surprise. What's your perspective on the broncos win total now with teddy and if you don't see denver as a team that could over achieve in terms of this season win total exceeding those expectations. Who are the teams that you see over achieving this year. Well from denver's perspective. I mean i think we have more faith in them than the market does and other places do a lot of places have eight and a half on their win total. We opened at nine or nine under but We like a lot about denver. We think that they're only question. Mark is the quarterback position..

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