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<music> welcome to Keith and the girl. I'm Keith Malley Hamda this Monday. Not only are we having a Chad party he but we're competing were will be playing the newlywed game which we've done before to a great success. It's everybody's favorite time of the year. Everyone walks away crying. Yes well it was me and my wife at the time against against and and Hennessy her husband at the time we weren't married while we played well no problems anyways my we played the game now. No one's together. That's right so we're going to do it again. I kind of hope I lose this time. Because last time I won and I lost in that marriage in Kyle and I against Canada zirk sees very exciting and hosting it will be Andrea Allen. Oh my goodness Oh and she knows how to make people cry. So this Monday night seven pm eastern just go to our youtube channel. It's tender Keith and the girl and if you can't find that just always go to our website keeping the goal dot com there you have it. I don't forget about the free APP. It is laughable. Dot Com you subscribe to a podcast. You can also subscribe to a person so if you subscribe griped Keith Malley where it hemmed up. You'll hear us on any podcast of any kind that we've ever been on for example. I'm on Donte. Narrows podcast just came out. It's now called man school two. Oh two and the title of that show is catfish in your dad. We'll keep you can hear that right free APP. What was their response to that draws on the floor yeah weird one to retail right because we've normalized it in the studio which is like? Let's hear from Keats Dad again but all let's stuff to be relating in twenty minutes to an hour is crazy. I think you'll like all right today's guest he's been on M._t._v. c._N._N.. The Los Angeles Times C._N._B._C.. People magazine Buzzfeed T._B._S. is New York comedy festival then the more <hes> and that was so much. Thank you congratulations. Oh yeah that's mostly just like tweets being in places okay. I'll humble myself off of that I have I have some tweets. We'll we'll go through last time Um you were on. It was the first time you're on twenty. First twenty seventeen wow and you were talking about <hes> sobriety was a conversation. You have been sober for five months but at the time you were you were still drinking. Is that something you're looking into because you lost a lot of weight. Thanks to SEAL EAC disease. Yes Celia for you. All the gluten gluten has been everything..

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