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Fix the job started by another company couldn't be happier with how they fixed my sewer issue stay connected stay informed the home of the Huskies komo news so that's been debating rules for an impeachment trial is supposed to start today Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is offering a resolution that does not admit anything from the house impeachment proceedings into evidence Democrats not only want that evidence they want to call more witnesses McConnell says he only wants opening arguments for the house managers and the president's legal team if any amendments are brought forward to force premature decisions on mid trial questions how will move to table such amendments and protect our bipartisan president democratic minority leader Chuck Schumer called the process on fair and a cover up the McConnell rules seem to be designed by president trump for president trump simply executed by leader McConnell and Senate Republicans the colonel has said that he wants a speedy impeachment trial and that he and the White House are on the same page as far as how it should go Chuck secrets in A. B. C. news one thousand seven ninety seven seven forty seven degrees under the clouds at ten thirty one good morning I'm bill o'neill in for Tom other today your top stories now from the como twenty four seven news center of course will continue to keep an eye on the rules debate that's taking place in the U. S. Senate right now day one of president trump's impeachment trial of Thurston county sheriff's deputy shot and killed a man this morning your Lacy homeowner calling police to report the man who they had they a protection order against was on their property Pacific Avenue southeast and mentor Dr within a ray Brady says a deputy got there and then there was a struggle or trying to get the the subject in the custody Taylor was deployed but the guy pulled a nice of the deputy shot him several times that deputy was not hurt no word yet on why the homeowner had that protection order out against the man Senate Democrats ripping propose ground rules for the impeachment trial that debate under way right now Senate minority leader Mitch Joe Chuck Schumer says that the proposal by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell designed to cover up the president's wrongdoing in a rush trial senator Patty Murray also weighing in we all need to remember the sweeter and act in ways that prove the Senate and all of our democratic institutions are worthy of the public's trust now and for generations to come we all need to vote today for evidence and fairness not a sham designed to protect an impeached president from the fax the Kentucky Republican's four page impeachment procedures resolution sets out twenty four hours over two days for house impeachment managers on the president's team to each make their opening arguments senators will then have sixteen hours to ask questions today in Switzerland the president calling his impeachment a hoax and a witch hunt Seattle lawyer who became a key Watergate figure has died almost core when he tells us more about former White House plover eagle crow proved is credited with leading the team that in nineteen seventy two broke into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate hotel in part to learn who among White House staff was leaking stories to journalists croak died Friday night at age eighty he worked in the White House thanks to his boss John early common another lawyer with local ties who became a Watergate figure croak told C. span of two thousand seven former president Nixon did not specifically ordered the break in but created the conditions under which it occurred the whole impetus for what we have been doing came directly out of the oval office he set the foundation on which that decision to break into the office of career crew served four months in prison not for Watergate but for breaking into the office of Daniel Ellsberg's psychiatrist Ellsberg had leaked the so called Pentagon papers blowing the lid off the Vietnam War Krog was a key figure in Seattle politics too the P. eyes Joel Connelly reminds us one of probes last actually in government was to approve the downtown freeway park sh Corwin hake komo news thirty four now como traffic every ten minutes on the force with key or Jordan it looks like we've cleared an earlier blocking problem on westbound I. ninety approaching island crest way but we still have a slow drive from four oh five but it is starting to lighten up a little bit more down north bound for a fight that remains just packed in starting just north of the west valley highway a continuing to about northeast forty fourth and this in turn is causing delays on northbound one six seven from a hundred and eighty at two four oh five the northbound I. five drive that is still solid from the north end of Boeing field to I ninety then it's going to start to break up just a little bit more as he continued to travel to the ship canal bridge that's where you will find complete relief now south on I five is busy from the four or five split much of the way to the ship canal bridge still in those express lanes are looking heavy from the ship canal bridge through downtown south of four five still has a lot of work to do seeing brake lights out of alder what much of the way to five twenty this traffic report is sponsored by Papa Johns Papa Johns pick for six pizza and wings breadsticks and chicken poppers cheese sticks and a brownie find your favorite two or more for six Bucks each at Papa John's dot com delivery fee and taxes extra our next come traffic up ten forty four your call will forecasters Christy Clark scattered showers for the rest of today expect rose to be wet for the evening commute that sting is plain rain for the lowlands can't say the same for the cascades this heavy.

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