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The population became twothirds black but the power structure city hall the police was overwhelmingly white didn't have the tax base it couldn't raise they couldn't find the money to pay for this bureaucracy through the mayor's salary the deputy mayor etc etc so the instructed the police who don't have enough to do in this country to shake people up jay walking double jaywalking you didn't come to jaywalking core you go to jail for the night the blood your blood that you've got on the deputies uniform aftershock judy's these reports you get the dry cleaning bill so if you look at it that way the government the local government was the local people's enemy they weren't working for him getting the schools better the roads fix they were shaking them down now if you go to the bundy ranch which is white rural people wh what harry reid in the developers doing it get off we're going to be developing here we're going to need this water hundred you know i know he didn't pay his grazing fees fine but all the neighbors were gone to get legislative right out of there right then a bunch of people on facebook that's who we wound up sent over there and then wind down when i got back sitting in an apartment waiting for va appointment has never come in you know what i'm saying they're angry and they show up and they're pointing guns at the government many times the government when in the same service branch that they were and i'm watching all this going way way way way is all working people we didn't do it to each other.

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