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The life of a female driver the Ohio state highway patrol was center Crawford day road just north of Bardwell Buford road after a Chevy Cruze drove a little off the left side of the road over corrected any Jack did the driver forty four year old heather Smith amount or a pronounced dead at the scene she was not wearing her seatbelt able to county prosecutor Joe deters yesterday during a press conference saying the man shot by police thirty six year old Robert Schneider who was a suspect in several armed robberies in Cincinnati and northern Kentucky earlier in the week died yesterday morning and that the shooting carried out by officers after he pursued was justified we think about the hell he put that little girl through the store clerk through the police officers through everybody through he has no feeling for anybody he's eight he was clearly a menace to society at Schneider survived his injuries he would be facing six felony charges a very crowded weekend at the box office from dogs to Dora something big Dora eleven new films to choose from this weekend the live action family friendly door in the lost city of gold is expected to earn the most money around twenty million followed by the creepy scary stories to tell in the dark the dog friendly drama the heart of racing in the rain looking at maybe ten million followed by Melissa McCarthy Elisabeth moss and Tiffany had dish in the mob drama the kitchen outside the top ten look for the football crime drama Brian banks but none of the new movies are likely to be holdovers The Lion King and Hobbes in shock J. citizens an ABC news Hollywood well it's awfully fun busy this time of the war game big crowd everybody on.

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