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Well the relationship between the dean and his brother Is is a very interesting dynamic in the whole story chat a little bit about that. So people are clued into paying attention to that relationship. Sure When i started that the novel i thought that it was going to be a story that featured the twins dean and roy lindemann about twin brothers both in love with the same woman and although that that remained in the novel it's not primarily about the brothers. It's about eighty. I mean she just was such a compelling interesting character and with such jets to her that she just sort of came to the front of the stage so to speak The brothers sort of compete for her She is a in the opening section. She's married to gain lender mun but dean oddly has somehow lost interest in her and i think it has something to do with his relationship with his brother was a a womanizer and who has been pursuing easy for years whether she's married to his brother or not and So you have some strange things happening with their roles They compete there. They Remain on good terms all of them. Do ed. At some point feels as though to save her marriage. She needs to get her husband away from his twin brother who casts a shadow over both of them. She doesn't she doesn't succeed. Yeah well i mean you also point out that dean being a kinder person also a little less strident strong as a character. He had this idea that he wasn't supposed to feel jealous so he really didn't know what to do with the feel Towards his brother like because they were both innocence competing for the attention and affection of easy though he had married her so that whole role of jealousy played out differently between dean and her second husband. Gary yes exactly. And when dean says he feels he has felt jealousy but he he hasn't expressed it. That's what he he he had difficulty with. And so i think it happens that sometimes eighty percent has perceived that as a lack of interest.

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