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You. Personally, on a personal level, in formula mcginley brought to you by lick a land. Visit Michelangelo dot com dot are you for great deals on your favorite drinks? I'm pleased to say after one race, where up to 379 entrance, but still short obviously of the half ton, or the 5 ten and a half ton. Half metric ton. Now I'm mildly concerned, Michael because I can not find where I am. In the box oh no hang on, hang on. I take that back. Wow, actually, you know what? I'm pretty happy with this, because this, wow, where we have 379s, that is after one week. Wow, that's awesome. I'm happy with that. That's really good. So yeah, that's that birds well. So we want to crack the half ton and beyond as well. So, and again, so last week I had, of course, the issues with the profanity filter, F one fantasy, so you will find Aston farting ranking 297th. Out of 379, which is not great. But I've had worse. Remarkably. So and let me remember last week, I was all koka hoop about my driver lineup. Yes. Oh no, who was it in? It was Yuki tsunoda. Okay. It's a good point. Sergio Pérez. I'm not as good. Lando Norris. No, no. Oh, no, I remember. Both the car and drivers did theater. Oh no. Miranda, what was me turbo driver? As well. And my last driver. Pierre gasly. Oh, you have to try 6. And that was the noise,.

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