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I mean you can. There's a lot of people being well. Lapd get investigate themselves. And they're not gonna find any wrongdoing at the very least like they're giving the impression of you know some sort of accountability. Yeah god thank you. Well thank you for doing the investigation to like actually spur any kind of action on this but the like baldness of the transactional nature between ring and the cops is like. It's truly shocking to me that it would be that it would be that blatant. Let's return to the point of You know a black and brown folks and other marginalized communities being affected by this. I mean the i. I've seen it again at my own in my own community like a couple months there was a whole series of of events. That happened on my street. Which is that in my little complex. One of my neighbors was like. Hey i saw kind of a weird guy on my porch and there was there a person of color and he didn't do anything he was just like kind of being weird kind of radic on the porch. We live in the city. There's une house folks around there's fo- you know there's there's there's los angeles you know what i mean. Yeah and. I was like this looks. Looks like no cause for concern. I hope somebody. I hope this guy gets in hell right. And then like half an hour later we hear helicopters around and it turns out that a bunch of cops roll up. Pull out their guns on this guy like a bunch of cops all at once helicopters the whole nine yards and then i think someone further down the street had like seen him on their ring doorbell and called the cops and then there's multiple people on the street filming the whole thing on citizen and this was just the guy walking around with a stick. You know like nothing actually happened on the street. Nobody's house broken into it and try to jump a fence. He was just like being weird on the street. And this is on my street and like all this was spurred by people sitting inside their houses looking at these cameras jumping to conclusions having fear based reactions but fear based reactions that were like given to them by the technology. Yeah no for sure. I mean i think like it's it's kind of wild. Took look at the history of ring and and use it as sort of like a mirror like where society has gone because the started as purely a convenience thing right lake jamie seven off. The ceo of ring on shark tank was like i was always working in my garage. I couldn't see who was on my front door. So i made this doorbell and also it actually helps me like watch my packages right but it was like purely like convenience and then they made this like really really sharp turn into crime And like made this immediate. All about how you can like you know. Protect your community. Protect your own home. And and i yeah. I think capitalized on you. Know a growing fear of.

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