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In the very first game. Played in nineteen ninety eight at thin Papa John's cardinal stadium. The Kentucky Wildcats beat the Louisville. Cardinals sixty eight to thirty four tonight, Louisville absorbed and even worse beating than that. Although the point total wasn't quite as high. But Georgia Tech was in here and the rambling wreck made a wreck of Louisville sixty six to thirty one complete dominance by Georgia Tech, the thirty one points by Lola's is laudable. But when you came up sixty six at pales in comparison, and this was just a Georgia Tech team that runs that unique spread option that law just couldn't find an answer to Alex. And it's it's almost as if you would think yet Georgia Tech's got much better talent there just a better football team. There's there's more to the really is that I refuse to believe that this Louisville product that we see week in a week out is this poor from a results standpoint by losing their by this wider margin and giving up that many yards and. Not being able to hold onto the football. Not being able to execute. It's very troubling. It's been troubling. And it's one of those things where you get six six games remaining to try and piece something together, and it's not all loss. But the way you're playing right now, it seems like you think it is. So. Well, we talked about the thirty one points. Looks good from an offensive standpoint. But still you got this. You had a failed fourth down attempt to lead to score you had to fumble to Las Palmas that led to scores. And then an interception that was returned for a score. So the offense was far from perfect. But the defense is literally never stop Georgia Tech. The only time that lot scores when the clock ran out the end of the game. There was no body. It's essentially wanted to make consistent place and really step up and say, hey, this is not happening on our field here tonight. We're going to step up. We're gonna stop them. Get the ball back to our offense. Nobody ever did that on defense. It was just just so a mauling from start to finish in it it. It was not pretty Georgia Tech one sixty six thirty one with cardinals back with more cardinal wrap up. This is cardinal football from learfield. Are you struggling to fill.

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