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Twenty two on this week's to do list you can make a tee time or have some me time in your garden I might start then we'll check that out after we check traffic and weather or traffic is sponsored by Gary Barberis touchless curbside pickup Billy Johnson what's going on I'll tell you John not much has changed in the last ten minutes I'll say that and the one thing is going to be causing a little bit of a a a harbinger her this one he's going to be the eastbound Schuylkill expressway here approaching the vine actually it's close that divides he got to get on to the eastbound vine six seventy six to head across the city over the ninety five south to Penn's landing if you're heading down to south Philly you just get back on westbound seventy six there to get to your destination elsewhere seventy six eastbound Schuylkill expressway just east of the blue route cut down to one lane that's due to a bridge project that's going on over Conshohocken state road that will be out there all weekend due to be picked up Monday morning at five in New Jersey mostly quiet do have a report of an accident though in cherry hill seventy north bound at garden state Boulevard that's blocking a lane there thanks all frontline workers with an additional five hundred dollars off your new or pre owned car by late day prepare buys a Caesar salad caller click one eight hundred prepared dot com Dr now pay later much later after the buttons in the front line workers the best boy I guess in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center I'm Billy Dawson time now for our excursion forecast from the NBC ten first alert weather center looking good today gorgeous spring day with plenty of sunshine high seventy two tonight clouds build up a few showers may pass into early Sunday and low of sixty seven Sunday to start those few.

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