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That women are creating more problems to which i say conclusion ding. You're wrong stupid bitch. Yeah people say there are too many things on of that might be true. But there's not enough tv for me. Yes tv for me movement. Exactly i'll tell you what what. Tv is for even for me right. I'll tell you what i like dude. Which is an all in. I mean that's a show. I love it really. Anything murphy does is for me. I love donna. Who's playing for saatchi. I don't know who's playing for sachi but penelope cruz. Playing donatella why ricky martin's players she's boyfriend what and What do you call it. darren criss is playing the guy who kills him who killed so he hasn't been cast yet he has. I don't know the. I think it's it's a guy i think. So it is. He's someone i'm not familiar with. But those are the other penelope cruz and darren. Chris and i can't wait for every single fucking intercontinental accent. That happens on that so excited. I can't wait for that show. So anything he does is for me. I'm also in really enjoying The marvelous mrs maes old. That's a really fun congratulations. They won best comedy. They did globes and she won. Best actress oh she yes. She did the lead character on that This is another so in other words when people say it's such a crowded landscape. I'm like maybe for you. Not for me to my watching at home with amy sedaris which i love but you know what i mean. I don't feel it. You're always watching ball. Yeah volleyball tell you what i am watching my balls on On the big screen. That i put up when i'm bored and i assess airplay them from my for my straight to the tv aid from your balls to the tell you say an essay ello ello while you're on my tv and on the you're on the big you're on the medium screen and the small screen your devils screaming. Your dump screening doubles people. Say how many balls you got. I said on which screen do that through my balls. I have to you know what you could do is do that. Internet feed you. Do like a looping thing where it's like infinity in the yeah and so you can just have infinite balls. That's what i needed. And by the way you know you can make god ten twenty dollars just doing it live on on youtube i do all my subscriptions were cancelled right. Yeah balls on balls onto. Yeah so a new show set in one thousand nine hundred new york and showing life in the city's queer ballroom culture most famously obviously portrayed in the film paris's burning set to be the most trans inclusive. Tv show to ever make the air co executive produced by trans activists written written. Also co produced by janet mock in being made by ryan murphy and a little show called posts which comes out on fx. I just got chills. If why did i not know. Because they just announce it got a series order. It'll be eight episodes and it looks at. It's really need eight years. It looks i now. It looks at the juxtaposition. This is according to the release of several segments of life in society new york the rise of the luxury trump air universe the downtown social and literary scene and the ball culture world. I i want to open the tv and jump inside may take a decade that i would have been considered hot. Yeah is eighty s. The as i'd say like that was true or were ahead of me there. No no i'm orchestra hot the agreement. Weaver hot yeah. Yeah yeah i'm not. I'm not like i'm not penelope crew. I'm not in that. I'm like you know what they would consider in the eighties sexy symbol. I'm what they would have considered. I don't know. In what era would i have been. You know what you're going to disagree with me but you really good in a suit. I think you're like fifty sixty s hot all right. Yeah i'll take it. You don't think so. I don't disagree. Of course i don't. I don't see i don't see plaid shirt t shirt you know grungy jeans how much she off though i don't either not. There's not ninety. Sam i feel like you've you're ninety s hot sam. You're getting there yeah. I think that's why the hair unkempt as what you know what. It's not my problem if you can't take a compliment right okay. So trans activists directors silas howard serves as the co executive producer also. The series will bring in emerging transgender directors to be mentored through ryan. Murphy's directing mentorship program which is very exciting plus surviving on using your fucking power to change the system surviving. paris is burning. Yes gulbuddin it. The also the the people who are involved in it who choreographing the ball scenes is leoni say maldonado. Who's known as the wonder woman vogue and danielle polanco. So it's i don't end in our lady. Jaye is also writing scripts word along with janet mock and michael roberson and twiggy pucci. Garson are the ball culture consultants so in other words she saw that name is the most brilliant three words i've ever heard and i actually don't know how involved murphy will be with this show for j. thing where he's like. I'm assembling this incredible team. They're the experts on this and like but this has to be a show anyway ryan murphy in this announcement so he just does is. Fx is just as network. Yeah because all of his shows even the ones that people don't think we'll be like feud and i think pe- people were so jay. No one saw being the hit. It.

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