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After the hour harvey weinstein was fired from the company he cocreated correspondent jerry barmash as the back story on the hollywood heavyweight harvey weinstein is out as head of the movie studio that bears his name the weinstein company board of directors voting to terminate the media mogul effective immediately weinstein faced strong criticism since and expose from the new york times documented years of alleged sexual harassment with actress says adds staffers what happens to the hundreds of thousands of dollars wind seen gave the democrats washington is beginning to turn its back on the once powerful hollywood player on cnn stay eight of the union connecticut senator chris murphy although he hasn't received any money from weinstein understands the backlash here this is a pretty bad guy so really awful things sense if people for that money to be returned in order to make it clear that that that and and he's the receive them want nothing to do with him and his behavior then as probably a smart move weinstein losing a high profile women's rights attorney lisa blum who resigned after consulting what they ask ruining producer after the report lifted occurred not weinstein's alleged behavior a former reporter at a tv station on long island claimed he was inappropriate in front of her lawrence of on tweeting why she waited ten years to tell her story only possible now she says because of women with bigger names far braver than her speaking on nbc's meet the press california senator diane feinstein is conflicted with a delicate situation somebody comes syrian says oh fake attributed to you are you giving back the money a sort of look like a startled oregon say well let me look as saying and that's the best i can do for you today jerry barmash new york it's china after.

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