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Way that We responded, especially down the stretch came down in one game the end at the end of the day. We just didn't make enough plays the to get it done. But, you know, I think nobody's saying their head about it E mean, if anything, I think it gives us a little bit ammunition and Gives us a little bit of Dr Toe push that much further in the off season and get back to a next year, tidy adult and Schultz, who turned out to be an adult, his favorite target yesterday, seven receptions 70 yards, but Dallas loses And once again having to play catch up. It seemed like that was so one of the things that is a lot this season on a slopping a cold field in East rather new do Jersey they in their season with the six and 10 record. Last time the Cowboys were six and 10. You got to go back to 2010 Wade Phillips was the coach before he was fired and replaced by Jason Garrett. And maybe the best moment in the NFL yesterday took place in Cleveland, where the Browns were hosting the Steelers. Where Pittsburgh quarterback Mesa Rude off In Cleveland defensive end Miles. Garett spoke briefly before leaving the field after the game was over. These are the same two guys who were involved in that wild roll last year, which Garrett swung a helmet at Rudolph's ad. But it appears they both had put it behind them. According to Brown, reporter Jake Trotter, Garrett found rode off in the tunnel would tell him good game and he'd see him next week in the playoffs. Good move by Garrett regardless of where you might stand on this incident, They're played his high school football. It arly Tim Martin and his college football at Texas saying him that your check on sports I'm Steve Lamb..

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