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So I I sold my previous company, and I had a bunch of time off to do nothing to literally just walk on the beach. In Venice beach. Boardwalk was like my feet were in the sand. And fortunately, it was just like just casual walk on the beach. I remember watching this dude after being in such a high pressure virement myself watching this guy who was selling trinkets on Venice beach boardwalk, and he was asleep just the happiest most easygoing sleep, you could imagine. And I realized that I still was not at a place where if I had to sell I could comfortably do anything. If I was standing behind that table. I would be hawking the hell out of everything that was there. And I couldn't understand how he could get to that comfortable spot. And I knew I don't wanna be there. But I do need to be a little bit more chill that if I'm still getting excited that he's so relaxed, but also as barechested towards that. I think there's something for me to learn how to this experience. So I was spending a lot of time on the beach having those kinds of revelations. And then I started to slowly drift back into entrepreneurship, and I did things like post on Craigslist. If anyone needs help, let's get together at this place. We'll talk at the time I really liked king's head bar. And so that's why would meet people, but I wasn't super helpful. And it was like a lot to do to go there. So then I started slowly saying I'll do calls on the phone with people and help them out. And then I would pay to give people coaching from other people if they needed it, and I could see his inching towards something. Then I went and backpack through Europe. And when I came back, I said, okay, I'm ready to do something. And that thing became events with the idea that people would meet each other there'd be events all over the world. And then that would turn into this big event movement thing it wasn't it. Ended up being podcast starts by the name mixer g came from. Yeah. Mixers with with energy. Yeah. Man. So then how did you end up doing an interview? I had some piece of garbage Mike around the house. I didn't realize it. Mike's would different. I just thought if you have a Mike you can plug it in I plugged it in and I use Skype, and I just recorded the person, and that was it, and it was a home. If you listen to the very first interview and the first batch you can hear him. The whole time. It was because the Mike was just one of those old fashioned Mike's ones, you know, the that auxiliary cable type of thing that the headphones used to be until apple killed the headphone, Jack the Mike had one of those things. And I realized that's a problem and then eventually bought a USB Mike, and then just a little at a time..

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