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Really don't think it's appropriate that people who support him are trying to give him a pass based on what he's done in the senate because that shouldn't matter you know there are people who do good things who assault and harass others and there are people who don't do good things who assault and harass others and they should all be held the same standard we are in this collective awakening now abc opened the scale of sexual assault and sexual harassment in our culture and and uh uh uh for the first time really difficult it is and has been for women to come forward i wonder if you could just share how you have watched all of these unfold i think it's amazing and i know that for a lot of survivors out there it's really hard to hear the news every day but i've noticed in people in my life who may be hasn't been victims of sexual violence or harassment and i think that that's really important that people are starting to hear these stories the voice of abby hanel to twenty two year old survivor of sexual assault senator amy kluba shari's now on our bill let's turn now to kenya following a prolonged and violent presidential election will actually presidential elections kenya's incumbent president who can yatta was sworn in for a second term today empires aitor peralta was there watching the ceremony he joins us from our bureau in nairobi hitter so you've been describing been reporting on this to incredibly different scenes a peaceful inauguration and then tensions and violence elsewhere in the city just just bring us bring us up to speed here yeah i mean this morning at cuss harani stadium here in nairobi there were tens of thousands of people who came to watch president to who can you ought to be inaugurated i mean we got a sort of sense of just how massive this crowd was that police had to stop people from coming in by using teargas a home but then you know as the ceremony went on we started hearing word that stuff around the city i'll just a few miles from the stadium was not going well at all that police were battling with protesters there's been reports police have used to live fire on protesters until you had the.

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