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As you get from someone who does movies and yo, the framing of it has to be the exact same so we can do like a spice and bubble. Shout out to Paul Heyman for the weasley punches. I thought it was great. And then he has the neck brace on raw. Yeah. He's talking about Cody. Like, hey, and then Rome is a happily married man. The match itself where he really quick go through the aftermath. I toss a few pro russells after the match, right? I'm not going to say their names. And all of them said the same thing. Simple sometimes is better. Because we get so many near falls, flippy shit, tons of finishers, sometimes you need to go back to the basics, ref bump, cheat, shit in, it shit out, talk a few rest holds because you want to work the crowd. Hogan rock at WrestleMania was at 19, was so good because the crowd was into it. And Hogan rock didn't do any flippy shit. They played to the crowd. Roman knew how hot that crowd was going to be, and he was like, let me drag this shit out. It was brilliant storytelling. I thought this match was fantastic. Yeah. Wrestling at his core is storytelling. Yes, you can do that through your moves. You can do that through spots, but you can also do it in other ways. Rank psychology is not dead. It's one of those things where we're watching a story play out. It's just a very physical story. And Romans, again, once you bought into that, the original J feud is aware of really clicked. Because during that J feud, it was so much talking so much, just slow methodical holds, not rest holes, but like submission holds, punishing people, everything and job to majors described his portrayal of king this way. It's like no wasted movements. Every move I make is for a reason. Everything means something. And that's Roman how he wrestles now. Nothing is wasted. No. There's not a clothesline out of place. You're not doing something just to do it. You're not doing like 12 Superman punches as a baby. No, everything is for a reason when he's in the ring. Yeah, and I'm enjoying it. So then we get to the aftermath with the J in everything else and Kevin Owens comes out and allows him to get his kick in and rolls out of the ring. Like, cool. That, again, great storytelling. I've been with Jay took one spears are out. Again, it's where I say, there's two things that you have to suspend your disbelief is, in reality, is one, yeah, that one spear from little assays ain't took J out. Okay, the other thing is, Kevin, why don't you show up earlier? Yeah. But my answer to that is it would have dequeued his friend Sami Zayn. Yeah, but Roman doesn't care about getting d-q'd, hence the million rough bumps and his family coming out because if he gets d-q'd, he maintains the belt and being champion. If Kevin comes out and just Molly watts Roman or save somebody or anything like that, interviews in any way takes the chair, they can dequeue Sammy, causing Sammy the title, which you can do to your friend. Yeah, I'm just all I'm saying is, I think it's a good storytelling. Everything's not going to be, oh, they should have did this. A real person, look, it's not fucking real stuff. So it's like, when I watch fucking marvel movies, like, why is he doing that? And watch a horror movie. Don't go in that door. Yeah, but if you don't go in that door, we don't have a movie. So we gotta do the dumb shit to get to the great shit. Again, thought this was great. I think they've done everything. This is one of the best stories that WWE has ever told. It will see us to this conclusion, and I keep saying it. A lot of y'all was like, we're doing all this, it's a good coach of the title. Who said Cody's gonna win? There is no guarantee Cody rose is gonna win the title. And if don't know how that ends. And I've seen people list all the people that Romans beat and they were like, I'm tired of this. Dude, Hulk Hogan held that title for years. Bob backlund held the title for years. Peter Morales held the title for years. I don't need flipping of the titles back and forth. I enjoy watching Roman Reigns with long-term title rings because whoever beats him is made. And Cody kind of just got here. If he wins, I have no problem with it because I think the story of finish the story is fantastic to end at mania contributes a dusty rose. But if he loses, I'm also okay with that. Keep chasing. Yeah, there's a bigger story there to tell. Because you can go Cody, you can go Sammy. You can go Shay. Right? Or you can give it to somebody else like, going through. There are a bunch of different ways you can go if Roman loses now I'll be very interested in how they tell his story without those titles. He's become synonymous with domination. Does he melt down? I don't know, but I think everything being left open like this is, I'm okay. This is the first time I'm heading into WrestleMania in years where I'm like, I'm good with this. And I'm invested. I'm completely invested. Yeah, like it's so open ended. So we'll touch on more pro wrestling on

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