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For the car you want. See what other people paid for it too. When you're ready to buy a new or used car, visit truecar to enjoy a more confident car buying experience, traffic and weather for ten minutes on the ten for TempStar. In customer lost updated a ten on Johnny hill. Newsradio six ten WTVN ABC six first wanting meteorologist, Andrew, Michael good Tuesday morning everyone man today. Is going to be beautiful try to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Mostly sunny skies, we get up to high about seventy six today, just beautiful out there tonight. So see mostly clear skies, low fifty five increasing clouds on Wednesday with the chance for some spotty rain late in the day, high seventy eight weather's powered by the basement, doctor, plenty of sunshine now fifty five of Buckeye lake fifty seven at your severe weather station news, where to go six ten WTVN Columbus. Police have released their own version of video shot last Friday were police officer seen punching a bystander that he shot by another bystander was you'd over twenty thousand times, ABC six. Brian Magic's Jonathan Robinson was at the center of the confrontation, Columbus. Police say they went to the nine hundred block of how avenue to investigate report. Shots fired in the area. Province in the man struck by officer Johnson told us, he was worried about his wife safety, the police video released late Monday consists of three body, cams and to cruiser camps Robinson was charged with disorderly conduct and interfering with official business. The police video can be seen now at six ten you TVN dot com. Investigators have identified the body was pulled from the Santa river near long born Sunday, forty year old Damon farmer was found by a boater over the weekend near the CEO to canoe livery officers police farmer jumped off the green long avenue bridge may twenty seventh is body was found seven miles downstream, federal safety, specialists begin their investigation into Sunday's deadly crane collapse in Dallas. In the meantime, the five hundred thirty four residents of the apartment building crushed by the steel tower still out of their homes in small groups residents of Ilan city lights are escorted into their units by firefighters to collect what they can carry and then get out. They know that one of their neighbors was killed when the tower crane came down, that we lost one person happy was more, obviously, it'll take days to remove the man. Massive crane that came through the roof on Sunday. Meanwhile, all you can hope people support the friends that are here, the community is really helpful which, I think it has been the apartment owner says the five story building is on inhabitable, perhaps permanently Jim Ryan, ABC news. Dallas President Trump's in Iowa today. So democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Trump will be in the western half the status. He tours ethanol planning council bluffs than attends the Republican party of Iowa fundraiser in west Moines Biden, we'll be on the state's eastern size. He holds events in three different cities, state medical board of Ohio will consider whether to add anxiety autism. Spectrum disorder to the list for which person can qualify for medical marijuana CEO. Marijuana dispensary says it's important medical marijuana gets into the hands of patients who need it right in order to get it, right..

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