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Some talents have a universal appeal. A good musical performance of beautiful painting, a functional and inspiring architectural design. These are things that almost everyone. Can appreciate other talents though, are a bit less. Mainstream base it at the edges and while the few people might find them interesting. The vast majority of the world is either disinterested. Unprepared or both in the case of one man. It might be easier to say that his skill was simply not their Cup of tea or slice of cake. But will you'll get the idea in a moment? The world had never seen someone quite like terrar-, and they certainly weren't ready for him. He was born in France in the seventeen hundreds and from the very beginning. Everyone could tell he was different. It wasn't an his looks or the way he spoke. It was how his stomach was kind of a bottomless pit. By the time. He was a teenager. He could easily eat his weights in beef each day and somehow never gained pound his mouth could stretch wider than average and people who knew him at the time described his figure as of all things skinny however his appetite was so grand his family couldn't afford to feed him that meant that. They couldn't afford to keep him either. And just like that terrar- was on his own. He didn't starve though to be honest. It wasn't a challenge for someone with a talent for stuffiness face to find work as a sideshow act you fell in with a group of street performers who kept him fed and quickly exploited. His outrageous metabolism. Audiences. Didn't just want to see him eat hundreds of pounds of steak and chicken, though, a man with the iron stomach began very in his diet with less edible additions, including rocks. Corks and live animals, if he could fit it in his mouth, he ate it and got paid pretty well to do it too. Unfortunately, he also paid for it. You see terrar- was a notoriously foul smelling individual who ran into serious intestinal troubles because of his sideshow work after a particularly long hospital. Stay he realized he needed to do better for himself and his stomach so he joined the French military, but although his newfound sense of purpose should have been enough to sustain him. He became just a sick not eating as he did when he was it was while he was wandering around the bases medical ward win military, scientists decided to perform some tests on terrar- incredible appetites, they realized that when his enormous stomach was empty it became. Came perfect way of transporting messages to imprison soldiers across enemy lines. If only they trained him a little better before sending him out into the field. You see it didn't take long for terrar- to be spotted and captured soon after he was being questioned about his reasons for being there terrar- naive and afraid told them all about the box in his stomach that contained notes. So they chained him to toilets and waited patiently for his. Deposit. If only it had been worth, the wait. The message said nothing nothing that meant anything of a great deal to the enemy nor the imprisoned soldier the entire ordeal had been nothing more than a test to see whether his gut would be a viable way of smuggling information in the long term. Terrar- was eventually released a France where he resumed his civilian life searching for food wherever he could find it. And he was sick of it. He'd been studied and exploited and all it had gotten him was the torture of an upset stomach soon after he checked himself into a local hospital in hopes of a cure. It couldn't live with this affliction any longer. Unfortunately medicine at the time just wasn't very advanced and treatments consisted of filling his insides with elicit drugs to see how they performed but nothing helped. Terrar- spent his nights wandering the halls looking for something to eat. He branched out from his usual fare of everyday objects and started eating off menu. He drank patients blood and limbs in the morgue, sometimes he escaped and feasted on the entrails discarded behind butcher shops or stray dogs and cats in the neighborhood one day of fourteen month old child went missing. And although terrar- was never accused of anything outright. It was enough to have him evicted from the hospital years later terrar- would find himself back there. One last time as a corpse doctors tried performing an autopsy on him, but they didn't get too far the odor coming off of his body..

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