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Favorite referee's jersey because you can use it in a multitude of ways. You have the ironic usage where Mike friends would wear them to like music festivals and stuff like that. Then you have the people that hate the referees buying them. Burn them. I feel like they're really missing out on not selling refereed. It would just say numbers like number one hundred are they describe shirts to do. You have them. Being referee striped shirt, the NBA. Yeah. Stroke. So we're just doing NBA referees. You're not doing all Refner. Now. I mean, you buy obviously you buy your football, referee jersey to have this strikes. Okay. So that one has strike. Yeah. It looks just like that. Yeah. The ones they wear. Exactly, right. You don't think there's a market for the definitely oak Dan on the poll at lebatardshow? Is there a market for selling the referee jersey? I think kids these days we'll buy anything. I'm serious. I'm what Billy on this. I did there's a big market for an ad hoc league jersey. I know somewhere out there. There's a Tony brothers fan. Like, man. I really wish I could get a Tony brothers jersey. So you've got kids doing this. So like seven year olds like. No, I'm talking, you know, seventeen eighteen nineteen and then they resell them. That's what they do. That's what the kids are doing on unpire. Uniforms, getting bought up on them. Now. Now make the question. Make a second question there would you wear an NBA referee replica jersey, can you play the full sound of Ed Malloy. It's one of the greatest sounds and show history would be still on Arctic monkeys tractor trying to had my Arctic monkeys leave the fine system in place, though, because you would have a hundred and fifty dollars two dollars for the way the local segment and the IT let you went Arctic monkeys. I is so Alex Turner. He was wearing a leather jacket. This was when he just started to Kansas miss, your fine and be done with the segment and get the Ed Malloy sound that makes us all laugh because the referee at the end of a timber wolves game. I'm sorry, the announcer. Got mad at at Malloy. Dow by one hundred ninety eight inbound Alava the left side one Joel this up to the shot blocked by buried ball arms up down the bear the horn south to the ball game as offer. The rules are screaming through a foul. There was none cold. Rubio off to love. That is unbelievable. Referees are booed as they go off the floor. Brutal. David Guthrie is right there. You never guts to call. It. Also. Donlevatar? I would love to see you own a form. What would you do? Love of guy. I fix my law. I would starve I would lose weight. I wouldn't know what to do to God's sit on a tractor. Imagine Mike, Milton, Mike. There can't be a worse farmer than me anywhere walking this plan. Become a close second on that. I don't I think everybody in the world would be better than me. These these these live at our show with this two guys on ESPN radio. That's a wrap for Grunfeld. Right. Like, we can be.

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