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This law middle men and women would on those in the trough along very long chain and it becomes an interesting if we look out four or five years from now how many noses in the trough will be removed as a result of blockchain when we were doing the scottish widows then we had two people who opted out of the pension scape young people to that and we got on the experience at the end they both said that they not going to join the pension scheme after three minutes which was interesting but i did ask them just out of interest have you actually saved any money anywhere and they said oh yeah we're into bitcoins and and one of the mentioned blockchain so we're talking about twenty four twenty five year old bitcoin and blockchain so we going to need to get with the program bit here for the next gen coming through robin hood's finally well known in the us they added bitcoin to the application and it's kind of been digits lonely it's a mobile only kind of platform on when they had a bit car and they had a million people sign up in a date to try and get the application i mean there's something about this legitimization of something that was seen very scary before but becky do you separate like the scary evil money from what we can actually use i think we again going back to my core focus is always around the customer and asking why why do customers care about blockchain and for me it's we have this notion of transparency we trust and if you look at that settlement process or if you look at where you know you're you're.

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