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Green New Deal protecting our environment the Equal Rights Amendment ratified? I mean I could go on and on with a unified Democratic majority we can get a lot done very quickly off for this great country. So I'm I'm exhausted but a static and happy and I feel very up because the people I'm talking to course people know I'm not I don't think anyone else would talk to me but they're all telling me they're voting for Biden and they're behind him a hundred percent and I'm never in my life seen such commitment and enthusiasm for an election and we've had some great Democratic candidates. But this time it's different people want to make America normal again, and working in a coherent way to help people help the save our environment protect women's rights workers rights lgbtq rights grow the job. Please jobs back to America and I grow the jobs are infrastructure. We keep waiting for the infrastructure believe me in a democratic congress senate and presidency will have a massive wage good paying jobs to restore our infrastructure and move us into the twenty-first century. So I'm optimistic not only about this election, but what it's going to mean to America and to the the American people and the economy of our of our great country one last question cuz I know you have to go but if and well when by and wins and when we took the Senate will we add more seats to the Supreme Court? Well, I support it. I support it. I think they didn't play fair when President Obama he months that he was trying to get his appointee to the Palm Court. He was a very respected jurist from both sides of the aisle and they completely ignore it and they took this and jammed it through three weeks before an election that's unfair. Now, if you look at the history of the Supreme Court, it's not cast in stone. It's grown involved and and I think that we have to move forward cautiously up Vice President. Biden has said he wants a a blue ribbon commission to come with pros and cons and the and and you know and look at it in a way that's very thoughtful but I think that there's a lot of arguments to move forward and and if we had a good bipartisan commission, maybe we could get a bipartisan support to move forward. I would say after 9 a.m. When this country was unified and determined we came out with a technician that came out with roughly 51 suggestions about how to make this country safer in a bipartisan way. We moved forward and and enacted practically every single one of them and it did make this country safer. So I think it needs to be looked at debated analyze, but I think it's on the table obviously and and I will follow the procedure that president has put out there. He wants a bipartisan commission similar to the nine-eleven commission is completely dedicated to coming up to up a decision. That's right for the country. Will we will we know the outcome by tonight? I don't think so because there are so many paper ballots. Let me get this phone is ringing but we have so many ballots out there. Not only are we going to have the ballots that are going to paper ballots now because of whatever problem that you might have at the voting booth, but we have you know, we have so many we're going to have more I predict we will have more people voting by mail than we have voting today and and with the with the early birth, which Most states have put through before because of the Covent and and the covin is brought.

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