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And this is from the NFL over the weekend the Miami Dolphins and Ryan Fitzpatrick agreed to a two year contract source telling Adam Schefter, it's an eleven million dollar deal with incentives that could boost it to between seventy million and twenty million now Fitzpatrick will likely be Miami starting quarterback after Ryan tannehill was traded to the titans update on just what their depth chart looks like with the dolphins right now. You got Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jake rock and Luke, folks. So those are those three guys we got Ryan Clark right here. And here's the question that I think you have to ask about this are the dolphins tanking for to it. This point. You know, what I never wanted to say a team is. Taking obviously you don't want to think of NFL players professionals leaning toward trying to get the number one pick. But when you look at this Rostov quarterbacks Ryan Fitzpatrick, we've seen him be magical at times. But we also know what the other side of that coin looks like and so the need your coach floors. You're taking over this team. You have to be wondering what the Zecchini are doing giving you this quarterback roster. Yeah. It's a lot of money to that. They're paying Fitzpatrick if you think about them tanking, but the one thing that you mentioned, I think it's true. There's been that fits magic. I mean, what if he goes on a little run and has a bunch of success? He's not going to try to do that. Right. Well, well, I think that's what you're what you're baking going is that he can at least keep you competitive. Right. You want to feel the team that can't cook p? But obviously this team is looking at it. Like right now, we don't have the people or the roster to compete and win a championship is. So maybe they're saying, okay. Let's get this year build this roster. The way we want in next year in the draft approach. Quarterback find out quarterback and go toward the future. Okay. And maybe they do get a chance to find to a ton of low in no matter where he ends up in the NFL. You think he'll be a very at least early success? Listen, I'm a guy that hates him. Right. LSU guy. So. I'm just saying I just hate him. Which is the biggest compliment, I get anybody. They're pleased for Alabama coach Sabin the LSU stadium death valley. Tiger stadium has never been louder than when they thought tool was hurt and wasn't going to play that he is that impactful when he came back into game..

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