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And had they crept into the playoffs even as a nine in seven team is the texans or want to do i would say they could have beaten anyone in the afc with the way they were playing right now because the their defense is majorly suspect but their offense was so electrifying that could have gone into any distant away field i could have done it home and knocked anyone in that conference out it's completely wiped away so many anything of people wrote this will give you wrote about the afc this shawn watson is going to be coming up i wrote in the piece that i wrote yesterday how the injuries that the texas sustain the two watt and merciless in covington this week him going on are just another blow for them but as long as watson was involved in what's been a weird topsyturvy kind of year they've see the texan we're not be kept out of the mix and there are still team to keep an eye on at least be fun to watch it's all white door he and one of the things that i was really looking forward to with their team which is taken ways like bill o'brien had done a really interesting great coaching job coming out of the biwako is very noticeable their offense was very unlike just about any offense that we've seen in the nfl is all on misdirection and multiple guys in the back field doing different sorts action i think a bill obrien deserved a good amount of credit for helping watson as a rookie he was really showing how versatile is such a different quarterback than some of the guys they they had before i think they would have had trouble making the playoffs in that division with jacksonville in tennessee i would have put that under you know i was not expecting this text the team because the bad defense to make the playoffs but now they've got like for instance looking at this sunday.

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