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Every store and perfect who smoke rose every. The smell of peppermint could Lear, but the conductor was pushing past all of that walking behind corny lease and them with a nice. Keep moving. Cornelie ten. Town is this Santa. Santa lives North Pole. What he does have a timeshare here. I knew it. They round the corner to another quieter street with homes. The conductor led them into a small cottage. Right to the joy and peace keepers interrogation room. This just looks like a dining room in someone's house your house, right? This is the joy and peace keepers interrogation room. Like, I said, then pick your vacation hanging on the wall in his that you like that. I know. I am supposed to be the one interrogating you. Here are the facts one minute. The archway is working and the next nothing. Not only that. But this intruder also showed up downst-, Cornelius Holly. What have you done? I was trying to tell you one second. I was at home the neck, and I was falling. And then it was here. She's not lying conductor. That's all there is to it. People. Don't just appear out of thin air. I mean, windy come through the archway thing. So he. Diagnosed something fishy is going on here. I mean, they never stopped snowing here till now she's got to be behind this. I promise I will get to the bottom of this. And I swear on my Choi in peacekeepers badge that I will be the one to restore Christmas onto digital holiday.

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