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Loss. Natural Canelo did. Go back and look at the 19 80s. Look at that. Beat down can change its trajectory of your career. You don't want that beat down to be gambling for what if. Now, if you can guarantee me that Virgil Ortiz goes a distance with Crawford and aerospace, I said take the fight, but this is boxing where you're one fight, one loss away. One punch away from your career going the wrong way. Yeah. No. Is not ready for Terrence Crawford now. When is he going to be? He faced all the gatekeeper Sergio. He faced job. He faced a Velazquez. He faced Michael mckinson. He has faced every B level fighter potential good for him, but it's not his job to be facing a Crawford. It spends his job to be facing Crawford. That's what the public demands. That's the number one fight to be made in boxing. Okay. I agree. Virgil Ortiz, if he's able to do this and buy more than he can chew, that's a shows how much balls he has. It's not his job to be calling out Crawford and spend. That just shows you the audacity and the ambition of this young man. This is why we did this on jabs over on the zone. And I'll do it again. Put it up. I'm not talking about you. No, I do understand why I understand because after you beat Vernon Forrest, what was your message to the crowd right then? Who did you call it? Oscar De La Hoya who at that point was still one of the best in boxing. Was an all time. And I didn't get it. And you didn't get it, but you called him out. So you called him out. Why is it different? Why is it okay for you to call it Oscar De La Hoya and Virgil Ortiz not to call it Terrence Crawford? Terrence Crawford 34. He's not 28. He's not in the middle of the prime of his career he's 34 years old and he got touched in his last fight against kavalas. Got touched in that fight. I was 28 years old and I was in a different position. For just what 25, like 24. All right. And he just turned 24 at that. But he has power and he has a star potential. My star was already kind of like running out of shine. And his star was burned out. Well, I was about to supernova. You know what that means? Yes. All right, so yeah, I was a big red giant at that time. I was about to explode, but anyway, he's a little young star. He has a future ahead of him and a lot of money to be made. And I just think he's going to take a step backwards, fighting one of these guys, and then forget about losing. How about I be losing badly or a beat down? You don't come back from those. There's so many fighters that are left so much money on the table, but with one bad loss. Even though they got back to the top, want a championship, made some good money. They still weren't the same. They would actually made the right decision early in their career. Kell brook is a great example. Cal brook is a great example. He, he bit off more than he can chew to step up to fight golovkin. Something he didn't have to do. But where did his career go from there? He went from undefeated, knocking people out. He left so much on the table, striving for greatness. I just don't think it's a good idea, Virgil shouldn't do it. Okay. In 1981, Tommy hearns, I think it was in his early 20s took a pretty good beatdown for Sugar Ray Leonard. He bounced back. That was the welterweight title. He went on to win titles at 54, fight that he was winning. I bet he was okay, but he took a beat down at the end. One round. He was winning that fight at the end. In the 14th round. Okay, all right, how about you? He was winning before that. So that wasn't a beat down. How about this? 1985 at the same Tommy hearns fights Marvin Hagler. You want to call that not a beatdown? It was out of his range out of his weight class and hagler for God's sake. Well, the greatest middleweight in law, but he went on to win a light heavyweight title after that. His career. Please, Dennis Andrea. Exactly. Then he fought Barty lost that fight fought ray Leonard again. They were saying the careers don't end after one time. Okay, out of the four kings, why is hearns always the one that people mention less? It's always not. It's always hagler. It's always around. It's rare in its turn. It's not right up here. Phrase above everybody else. The other three are kind of blown away. Duran and Leonard, and then after that, he came back after ray beat his nomas. Yeah, but Durham was just special, you know? So what you're saying is Virgil's not special is what you're saying. Not yet. Not yet. Okay. All right. Well, look, if there's any luck, we'll get Virgil versus, say, David avision. I think that's a good fight for him next because that would mean Spence and Crawford. I know it'd be a great fight for the fans. That would be a physical, physical fight. That's a rock and sock room. That's the type of fight where that puts you on the next level where you might be ready for the bigger names, but alissa and dangerous. All right, let's look ahead to this weekend on Saturday. Lopez makes his return to the ring. He will be moving up to a 140 pounds to fight Pedro coppa. Lopez was last seen in the ring against George Campbell's last November, lost lost the decision. Was it unanimous? I think it was unanimous. Lost the unanimous decision in the aftermath of that, he dealt with some medical issues. He dealt with a broken hand. Now he's back in the ring at one 40, the takeover Sergio has become the take back. What are your expectations for Lopez at a 140 pounds? I want to say it was a split decision, but either way, yes, it was a clear loss. And I love this move because we know that he was a big one 3500. The biggest one 35 pounder I've ever seen by the way in Teófimo López and you know he knows what it's like to have overnight success, your life changes. Everyone wants your picture and all your name, you get the big money and then you have another loss and you get everything taken away from you. He's popular enough. He's still great enough to do something big at one 40 and he has a size to do it a one 40 and he has monsters at the one 40 division. You got Taylor, you got pro gray. You got tank, you got Garcia. I mean, that's going to be the next popular decision from the lightweights and I was going to be one 40. So he's going to be fit in nicely at one 40 or there's going to be a lot of money on the table and he's going to be he's going to be happy that he hasn't doesn't have to shed down that weight is size still going to be, you know, he's still going to be big enough, but he's not going to be shedding those extra pounds. A lot of money be made, man. And if he has his head right, like he says, his head is right. He's going to be probably the name I would favor over all of them, but his head has to be right. His camp has to be right. And his training, of course, because you don't want these injuries. You don't want these sicknesses that he went into the ring with that he said. Had issues with. And of course, his father was a wild card, so maybe if they can bring someone else in, that can even that out. I think he has a bright future edible. I think the mental part of it is the most important part of Teófimo López career to this point. Sergio, you were around him like I was during the campos this week. That was not the Teófimo López. We have become used to. The confidence. And it was still kind of there, but you knew he was having problems getting down to a 135 pounds. He was very open about the issues with his former wife. He had just had a baby who he hadn't seen. Like, there was so much going on that I can't imagine being mentally prepared to go to war against the guy like Cambodia, who looked at that fight as winner go home. It was do or die for George Campbell's. So I'm of the belief that if Teófimo López is right, mentally, if he's right, physically, he can very quickly become the best guy at one 40. The talent's still there. Like even in the ring Sergio, like I've covered almost every TF fema Lopez fight of his young career. Most of it live in person. I covered him at the Olympics in Rio. That was not the same fighter. He was trying to one punch campos into the mat. Like the teofimo I know is a boxer puncher, somebody that hits you, moves you, and then when he gets the opportunity, just clobbers you with that big right hand. Some of what happened, Richard Comey, and their fight a few years ago. That was not a female. I

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