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Up no matter the crime komo's jennifer sullivan reports from outside the new youth jail more construction crews kept working has people protested for seven hours yesterday jail no arrests no new facility not now not ever for years protesters have demanded that king county stop arresting juveniles no matter the crime the yelled chanted and lay down around the towering new facility under construction we wanna stop this jail from being built and we want no new jail being built here we wanna stop locking up kiss judges prosecutors county and city politicians we've talked to see they've tried to work it out with opponents but there's no wiggle room protesters want kids and adults to stop being incarcerated all that locking folks up in jail does especially us is insurers that they will continue to stay in jail and be involved in the criminal legal system earlier this month coma went inside the current youth jail where it's cold the ceiling leaks and the water is brown and undrinkable the county required by the state to maintain a juvenile jail j wesley saint clair the chief juvenile judge dreams of the day no more kids are incarcerated but he says it's going to take time working with children and families to get them before crimes are actually committed when asked about holding children arrested for murder rape and other violent felonies protesters say there's a ton of other community options to do rather than lockup kids in jail for the number of kids currently in the king county jail has plummeted there are beds for two hundred kids in at the current jail only forty eight or locked up jennifer sullivan komo news law enforcement officers across the state will be keeping a close eye on drivers who may be distracted next month starting april second extra patrols will be out to enforce our states e d u i law in our state people may not hold their cell phones while they're driving or even if they're stopped.

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