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New heat on former trump advisor hope Hicks. Hicks tonight stemming from the Mueller probe these documents that just came out suggests. She might have misled Congress when she faced questioning. It's a reminder though how high stakes any committee grilling can be Hicks problems stem from prosecutors closing that Michael Cohen campaign finance probe which the New York Times calls an apparent legal victory for trump but democrats say there's no time to celebrate they'll be deploying Wednesdays Miller hearing to hammers shocking evidence of criminal misconduct House Judiciary Chair Nadler laying out the plan we you ask questions designed to elicit the information designed to get the information out there that we want designed to show what his report found that is at odds with what the administration and the Attorney General I've been I've been saying I'm joined joined by David Corn and Maya Wiley both experts on this beat nice to see on this Friday to see. What are you looking for on Wednesday? We talked about this a week ago and we thought he'd be testifying this week and I said the keywords were within the lines you know whether he would stay within the lines that we expect say nothing beyond report or whether he would go a little beyond that even in terms of putting italic sin heading an exclamation point because I think even doing a dramatic reading what about highlighter her a highlighter yellow emoji something that would just give some more attention to some of the findings we saw when he did his press press conferences press appearance does nine minutes long. It gave a lot lot more juice to the report because it is long. It's and a lot most Americans back. Almost every American is not read it. What Emoji do you give volume one into the report mostly thumbs up so maybe a little bit like that for some but I did say because as I think I'm going to bring you in here at the end of the day volume one on whether there was election conspiracy was definitely one of these you know this Emoji right and then volume two was like a burning mad face of like Moeller in his legal way saying there's more than one crime here substantial evidence of more than one crime? Yes and I think that was what was interesting about. The roadmap we saw today is at least for House Judiciary Committee. They're going the the things that they're your identifying to focus on with Robert. Mueller are the places in the report where his report says things like substantial evidence obstructive act meaning you can literally ask Muller to read the section or the sentence or they could read it and ask him a very pointed question in fact you found in your report that there was an obstructive act and substantial evidence that Donald Trump..

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