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Five two two five starting this our Houston Texas time gala is with us our tank set to ten July tenth I have no idea ten July how can I help thank you thank you Mister Ramsay said taking my call sure my husband and I we started on our desperate journey a couple months ago we've been watching your video YouTube video that is really trying to get in the mall the thing we we even went to purchase the book on the total money makeover and we've gotten to the point where we try which is like a struggle we we were scraping to save our are full emergency farm by we we I was put in money and Phillips to purchase employee stock so we took that out we're able to use that but then as we look at our budget if we actually need that to get back to get out the rear were always in the rear every month we are money going out right if if it exceeds what we're bringing me and there's some things that are well how have you been covering that being only that negative view been going and we went went to softly when he got a laptop have you been going into data every month yes we wanted to get everyone in our problem is we're trying to figure out how that I I'm I'm watching videos about the log jam how you got a lot of things that you have not been to the bell it's like we're so excited to get started but we don't know how the income is the company's so what is your household income okay so a mom of the month I've been home months ago this what's your household income a year the two of you both eighty two eighty two thousand how much debt do you have not counting your house are ninety one thousand we don't own a house or renting okay and break that ninety one down for me how much do you owe on your car we okay with because we have two cardinals the war one if we had a accident someone hit us a total dollar car we got a cheaper car after that we all two thousand five hundred on that one and then we're paying the you know we had the gap insurance but it was the only paid it left us with paying for god only four thousand dollars on that car so now we can change our forty or forty four four okay ecstasy of ten on the car for ana gap problem from a former cardio have another car note no okay the other cars paid for we have one car we only have one car you're paying off the the gap we don't we.

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