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On this strength of women in that democracy. It's 8 33, a trial and Delaware starts tomorrow. It will force Fox News executives and some of the network's stars to answer for their roles in spreading doubt about the integrity of the 2020 presidential election. Jurors hearing the $1.6 billion lawsuit filed against Fox News by dominion voting systems must answer a specific question did Fox defamed the voting machine company by airing bogus stories alleging the election was rigged against now former president Donald Trump, even as many of the cable channels in many at the cable channel privately doubted those false claims. The trial will also test press freedom and put a spotlight on the flow of misinformation that helped spark the riots at the U.S. capitol on January 6th of 2021. 8 33, an Alabama high school senior who planned to play college football with celebrating his sister's 16th birthday Saturday night when gunfire killed him and three others and wounded 28 others. They'll stay the Phil dowdle was a dade ville high school senior who had committed to Jacksonville state university. His grandmother tells the Montgomery advertiser that dowdle was celebrating at his sister Alexis party before he was shot to death. Police are gathering evidence at the dance studio where the party was held in downtown Dave villa about an hour northeast of Montgomery. They did not immediately say whether a suspect was in custody or whether there was any motive established. Lots of talk resulting in very little action in response to the increasing concerns Americans have about mass shootings, according to a new CBS News gun violence poll. 61% of Americans feel frustrated by the political debate around guns. And that frustration may be because most don't see either political party as particularly effective in keeping people safe from gun violence. Despite their frustration though, most say, mass shootings are something we could prevent and stop if we really tried and not something we have to accept as part of a free society. That is CBS deputy director of elections and surveys Jennifer de Pinto. Aid 35 overseas tonight, the Israeli government says it won't scrap judicial overhaul plans despite ongoing mass protests. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have paused reform plans for now, but protesters are still turning up in numbers. Weekly protest organizers say they will put pressure until the plants are completely thrown out. Appearing on NBC's meet the press and asked about public anger. Netanyahu insists judiciary reform is needed. I look for a broad consensus on the judiciary. Every democracy, including your own, has continuous tension between the judiciary and the executive or the legislative. Currently on trial on corruption charges, the plan could give Netanyahu and his government allies final say in appointing judges as the parliament gain authority to overturn the Supreme Court. I'm Mimi Montgomery. Sudan's military and a powerful paramilitary group battling for control of the chaos stricken nation for now a third day, the two forces are led by former allies toward rivals who say they are not willing to end hostilities despite mounting diplomatic pressure to see fire, at least 5 civilians were killed on Sunday, bringing the two day total to 61, a doctor's group says it believes there are dozens more dead among rival forces and then more than 670 people have been injured since the fighting began in Sudan's capital of Khartoum, heavy fighting was reported around the airport, the military headquarters, and the state TV compound. Coming up after traffic and weather, you may not have to ask to have your hotel room made up anymore. Take 36. The following is a paid commercial message. This is bishop Michael burbage of the Catholic diocese of Arlington. This week, we celebrate divine mercy Sunday. It reminds us of our constant need to ask for mercy and to be mercy for. When we fall and stumble, the lord is always there to pick us up. So that we may begin anew. For those who are contrite, no sin or failure, or greater than his mercy. In turn, our gratitude is reflected in our willingness to be mercy full to others. When we are at odds with others, when we are divided when we are bitter, we can not be at peace. It is not the way God created us. So take the initiative and offer forgiveness to someone who has hurt or offended you, an imitation of the lord. May we ask for divine mercy and be mercy full. Today and always. Spring is here. And it's the perfect time to beautify and protect your home with a new paint job. A professional quality paint job by

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