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Bridgeport a vigil was held outside the promise that our nature Parker twenty ninth at all state to protest the president's immigration policies organizer and a pick wins as as soon as you post and word of the protest on social media she got a sense of just how divided Bridgeport is over what to do about illegal immigration some people thought like why are you doing that here and other people were very much in agreement then of course we do that yeah big ones as she realizes the protest won't necessarily change the minds of those who support the president's policies but she says she hopes it will at least get them to think more about what she says is the human side of the issue in Bridgeport Jim about us news radio one oh five point nine FM to the trump administration is asking the Supreme Court to unfreeze Pentagon money so you can pay for a border wall trump administration is asking the Supreme Court to lift a freeze imposed by a lower court on the use of defense department funds for construction of high priority sections of border wall last week a divided three judge panel of the ninth US circuit court of appeals in San Francisco ruled against the administration keeping in place of freeze imposed by another court the administration is asking the Supreme Court to lift the freeze while it continues the appeals process so far the administration's bid to use money from the treasury department's asset forfeiture fund has survived legal challenges Mike Rossio Washington the United States and its NATO ally Turkey have had a strained relationship lately and it may be about to take a turn for the worse acting defense secretary mark asper said the Pentagon is aware that Turkey has received a shipment of a Russian missile defense system something the U. S. strongly objects to because it's seen as a threat to the U. S. F. thirty five fighter jet our position regarding the F. thirty five has not changed Turkey won't be allowed to participate in that program now and also faces potential new US sanctions over the deal Cammy McCormick CBS news the Pentagon singer R. Kelly who was arrested by federal authorities Thursday night appeared in court yesterday on federal child porn and obstruction charges a press release from the US attorney's office as a government charge him with producing and receiving child porn and enticing minors to engage in criminal sexual activity Kelly's publicist Darryl Johnson delivered a statement at a news conference held in Atlanta where he was confronted by the parents of joy salen savage a woman who live with Kelly in Chicago Timothy savage the father pleaded to speak to his daughter.

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