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Past the hour and the start of another day because it's first light. Good morning. I'm Michael Toscano. I hope you had a good and safe holiday. Maybe seeing some family or friends you haven't seen for a while. But I also hope you were careful. There are red flags going up around the world and here in the United States over the highly contagious belted variant of the coronavirus. It's rapidly moving through unvaccinated groups of people, and we'll have more information on that ahead. Planned demolition of the rest of that collapsed condo building in Florida has helped speed up the search for victims and we'll be spending time on that, including the challenge of identifying remains and what this means to families. Members of the House and Senate may have scattered during their current vacation, but many are staying in touch as talks continue on both the bipartisan infrastructure package and a much larger Democrat, Only Bill and Democrats are being squeezed from both the left and the right on that we'll get the latest reporting. Watching a new heatwave developing in the West, and a storm named Elsa bearing down on Florida Tuesday morning money, a new movie and sports all in the mix as the day begins with first light. The official death toll, meaning the number of bodies recovered is 28. But with 117 people unaccounted for time is passing. The weather is posing a threat and the work continues in the rubble in Surfside. More now from correspondent Jerry Bodlander, Jerry Michael, officials say Sunday nights controlled demolition of the part of the Champlain Towers south that would still standing has opened up new areas to be searched. This building was unstable. The building was hampering our search efforts. Really. We were stuck that we couldn't get to a certain part of the pile. Miami Dade Mayor Daniella.

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