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I couldn't agree more man all right so yeah that turned into a little ron's but yeah it's a few more items were talking about before we should close of the show on a roll this week arms as i'll also featuring our friend and cryptocurrency superfan simon dingell uh some interesting developments have occurred in the world of virtual money i'm just going to lift off a few of course the the list of countries banning initial coin offerings icy owes grown arm what else a new bitcoin exchange called bitcoin africa that bitcoin with a k bitcoin dot africa has launched in nigeria this is despite the central bank of nigeria banning local financial institutions from trading in virtual currency and that they did that some months ago a houses for the other side of the coin as it were the state bank of marissa's now accepts bitcoin and eutherian as collateral now that's crazy and they've they've got a collaboration with that if into company called salt which now allows them to have a lending platform which allows people to use at the youth theory amon bitcoin holdings as collateral for loans and credits that very interesting and then of course the american whip performance and security company cloud fanie has declared coin hive mel wig they've decided to actually ban sites that run it now you'll recall recalling odds are mean burn is where the show time and since then a few other companies and platform that be caught taking advantage of their at the audiences cpu power to mind maneiro narrow using acquaint hive and now cloudy one of the biggest sort of a whip performed security companies in the world saying listen arm.

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