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Promo Code is podcast one so I guess we'll start Dave with just the lay of the land. I mean you are the head of marketing for an online betting operation and there's not a lot to bet on right now at least in the world of sports. What's it been like for you guys yet? Been a crazy few weeks. I mean just you know the NBA fallen off in March madness NHL NO MLB regular season. I mean that was just a it. Got Crazy got hectic we did a lot of scrambling in the luckily. I mean I I. Luckily we have a huge poker room and a huge casino both Verda Digital Casino and alive casino so numbers. There are through the roof. I mean we're setting records over there every week. The numbers are disgrace a Lotta people just taking their acts from raid into poker or casino in a lot. We're getting a lot of sinus. Because that to you know semi Peoria stuck in their homes without the Nadeau so they wanted to play a little poker blackjack at night so we're getting a lot of new sign ups which is awesome But yeah he you know sports is definitely taken a hit not gonna be. Seo Unique you lose march madness in the end of NBA NHL seasons. And that's GonNa take a toll but we gyn creative or don't as much as we possibly can on we're putting as much content site as possible. We have more content than any other book out there Anything from you know to give you an example. After all these sports went down my boss and I just had a search what's going on in the world and there are leagues you know throughout the world that are that are still in action Russia. They're still playing hockey. They're playing volleyball and they're playing table tennis. So we're like okay. This Russia book has table. Tennis IS WE'RE GONNA put table there. We'll probably right at you bets. Whatever at least while some odds on the site Lo and behold I mean the actual getting on table. Tennis is is just amazing. It's it's IT'S INCREDIBLE. People are just betting in in the UAE. Bedding is through the roof for table. Tennis I keep Calling Ping Pong. That's essentially what it is but on twitter talking about some guy hit me under the table tennis. The best word to bet live because it's the score changes so quickly and it's you know the points are one after the other so who knows so your stuff like that and just you know? Were you know two weeks ago with Anna Friel? Nfl Free Agency. You know Tom Brady move into the buccaneers and people are are are betting the buccaneers to win the Super Bowl. So we're putting our content lot more. Nfl draft stuff. Usually we have the odds up that the week before. The drags are so hard for us to manage. But I mean we have over fifty draft props upright down. They've been up for about three weeks now. So we're just as much content and say it's possible people are betting it. Does it make up for no march madness absolutely not but but it's keeping players busy. You know all his gaming stuff that I raised. I racing on for NASCAR. The weekends has been great at so interesting to watch too. I'M NOT REALLY NASCAR guy. A metronome live never watched the entire NASCAR race. Split those erasing the. They've been quite interesting watching every weekend. So we're putting odds on that you name it. We're put nods up so that is so interesting about that Russia and the table tennis and stuff like that. I don't know how people bed about stuff that they don't know anything about but I'm sure like anything else. You can pick it up and figure it out pretty quickly. I did want to ask you Dave. I would imagine with all the quarterback movement in Free Agency. Stephen I've talked about this the last couple of weeks that it feels like more season win. Total lines have moved and moved dramatically. This free agency. Then maybe we've ever seen before because of all. The quarterback movement has that translated to a Lotta people placing beds. You mentioned Brady and the bucks that translated to a Lotta people placing bets. If so where they played in those bets. Yeah no absolutely free. Agent stuff like free agency or trades or even draft. It's always exciting. Time now not only be a fan but for our cause take take an action on futures as always ebbs and flows goes. We put them up. People bet on that it gets quiet than then free agency heads and people hit up and visit goes quiet trade hits it goes up up and down so yeah it was. It was pretty crazy last couple of weeks. You know with with all the free agency short enough. You Know Tom Brady. Go into the buffs. People are hitting the buccaneers over. And it be you know. Essentially moved from seven and a half of the nine On but on the other hand keep our hit the patriots under that went from ten and a half over a month ago. When everybody thought Brady was GONNA be back down to about nine. So so yeah. You're getting great action. The most popular season win total. Kinda give you refine idea of. Wha How people bet on the big moves it is the cardinals over so out obviously people are fitting that because you know they picked up Hopkins Right Guy that great trade. So that's the most popular over right now or most policies a win. Total is over seven and a half or the cardinals. That's like I said. That's definitely as Donna on Hopkins making over Arrigoni. So so yeah. It's a lot of fun. Also you know we put these totals up earlier at all as folks are really pushed each other so that that used to be back in the day season winter totals did not go up until after free agency often after the draft after the schedule but now always books are pushing each pushing each other to get a first that they've gone up a lot earlier with that you know there's going to be a lot more movement since folks are putting these up before free agency. Draft Etcetera. I gotTA think to. I've been seeing some of the over under for the draft. Dave I gotTA think I don't know how many people normally bet the draft but I gotta think this will be by far your most heavily bet draft ever and there's got to be you know to some of these wildcards. It makes even more interesting. Yeah huge names. Of course you're you're you're exactly right. Anything that's did draft is big. It's a big betting event. When I first started to address the odds way back when you know fifteen years ago or whatever it was just Kinda. Put HIM UP Keep talking about NFL on his little niche bent. But it's earned into a big betting event. You know events now that people come back to the site that you might not that might cash out after the Super Bowl. These football player football players COME BACK TO BET. So so yeah. There's that draft Beggar that that Donald the hell's going on his real sportsworld the bed on an ad that some these big names in it. It's going to be a colossal. Then we know we already have dow fifty odds on the on the site give or take a few It's GONNA BE WE'RE GONNA add to that probably another thirty. At least it's going to be our biggest offering ever. We usually don't have offering this big until the week of the draft and we already have it weeks out so we're excited about. It's going to be a big event very challenging event for us to to book. It's always. It's always a challenge to book these draft routes. But you know it's GonNa be a big event where we're thirsty for big events right now. Thank punks great. But it'll be great to talk about. Nfl Games Steve. You're saying I think last year didn't you say Steve that a lot of times? There's value betting the draft especially like a day or two before the draft is new. Information comes out and you have a pretty good idea of guys that are going to go higher lower. Yeah absolutely because remember the draft is predetermined for the most part. Someone knows someone who knows who they're going to be selecting given things go according oil so it's not like the game gift decided out on the field so that it is not unusual that you will see in the final day and this is reflected somewhat in the mock draft as well just to give an example Jordan love is free falling in terms of expectations in where he's going to go in the first round even if he's going to go in the first round and Herbert looks like he's going to be a top six pick and like one book out. There had matchup Herbert versus love. And it's not a guaranteed it's GonNa win but a match bet like that is such a good bet you'd be hard pressed to afoul the better. Bet that Herbert versus love in a match up in any Traditional sports bet that you would make and historically as the draft approaches. You're going to see more and more that you're just gonNA see a one player for instance they'll be like an over under might be thirteen and a half where he's going to go out and the draft and you're just GonNa see them free falling on the mock draft in the final twenty four hours and usually that projection is correct. And so then Dave you guys and we talk about this again in a few weeks but you guys have to be all over that as new information comes out and that's part of the challenge from the from the book. May I mean this year? Hopefully it'll be different since there's not a whole heck of a lot going on for guys on the stage but during a normal year. There's so many rumors that command. Steve said there's so much information that's out there. But you gotta dig it. Really gotTA DIG in. You know. There's so much else going. On at this time of year with the NBA NHL MLB et Cetera et Cetera et CETERA. And these guys on a prop stage I mean they they. They have all this other stuff that they can't just be. They don't have time just to be digging into these rumors and checking in on all these twitter rumors at sector. So it's kind of a you know we do the best we can but bettors can definitely beat us to the punch on strong rumors. And there's guys draft nuts out there digging digging digging digging believe me. I have these guys on twitter. The they're talking to me every year and I'm like Oh God here they come again and I know these guys. They live for events like the draft. Nba draft the NFL draft. That kind of stuff. They they're so good at it is. That's their love. That's what their passing. They're digging into a were our guys on the stage. Don't have the time just to keep digging digging digging twelve hours a day on where Jordan Love GonNa go. You know what I mean. So it's it's it's quite. It's quite a challenge but it's a lot of phone on our players love and I love it. I'm a draft guide. Nfl Guy so I love it too but don't want the numbers usually the next day. So what about Dave from like this upcoming weekend wrestlemainia because there's some similarities? I guess between that and the draft but wrestlemainia like I think they record it the day before or something but a lot of people are in a lot of people are gonNA be watching it. A lot of people are going to be betting on it. So what are the bets that are available and what kind of limits do you put on it? Considering there's got to be guys that we're in that studio no what happened. Yeah well first of all I mean we were happy that one of our guys on that stage whenever odds guy he he and his passion is professional wrestling so that that's a big asset for us. Because he knows his stuff inside now the story lines he can read in the storyline. He follows this stuff with a passion. So that's important a lot of folks don't want to touch this kind of stuff. We do you keep the limits low. I mean you're not gonNA offer as you might take a fifty thousand dollar bet on. Nfl spread and we're keeping the limits low fifty one hundred bucks. Because you know we don't. We don't WanNa have all of his accounts from Connecticut..

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