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Littleton is really proficient in that area. As a three down linebacker able to provide pass coverage rush the passer to stop the run so I would think that they were going to make a move in that direction. Somehow some way in free agency as well so for me you gotta look at wide receiver and and and a Making linebacker at twelve nineteen. If they're not looking to make a change at quarterback so from this game just just this game. 'cause I know there's a ton of guys like you said at wide receiver debt Do you think that any of the wide receivers might interest them. Maybe somebody like March Chase. You know he had a good game team in the championship. Game from L. Issues. So I was just wondering your thoughts on this game. If Mike Mayock is putting on the same hat he did last ear and getting Cleveland Farrell and getting a Trayvon Molin. Is this something that he does again. This year in looking at the death of these two teams miles. I think there's a lot that you can look at with. The Way Clinton competed with the way that LSU competed. I think a lot of people talking about the weapons that Joe Borough had and I think it's interesting because I know that the guy sitting to my right things that Joe Borough is going to be a bust when when he makes it to the NFL based on the phone playing in such a great offense boy. I know I don't I don't get it but to be clear I'm talking about Adam Hill Sir but I think when you look at just the way that things went in that game. I mean a Jess Joe. Borough has a lot of good weapons ends in yes. He's playing a good offense of system. But I also think that you know if I think if you're most teams and if you were the raiders. The raiders are not really going to have this chance because I don't don't think there's any chance. Cincinnati doesn't draft. Joe Borough but if you I think have you watched the totality of the season and understand that Joe borough played in a really solid offense and then had had to do a lot of things in terms of ball placement and making sure that he had a good pocket presence. I I think he would be still the number one targeted guy off of a lot of guys draft boards. But you know like I said he has really good weapons. So if you're talking about why receives yeah you can look at both sides and say man. There are a lot of good wide receivers that one could pick and then improved their team. LSU has always had great weapons Yup just look at all the Lsu wide receivers and play in the NFL. Provide Joe Borrow was was able to elevate even those type of players And that's why they won the national championship and arguably arguably the Best College football season of all time. The quarterback is pretty good over there. And he's going to be the number one second yeah. I don't suspect that he's going to be a anybody's best raiders at least have a one little piece of that. LSU powerhouse. That's foster moreau so tight end but I'm sure they're looking forward to his growth as raider in the coming years but that is all the time we have here today on the Vegas Nation podcast..

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