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I'm clark three man hot underway in france after somebody drove a car into a group of soldiers abc's tom rivers as details from the foreign desk the mayor of the northwestern suburb of paris love all while pata where a vehicle ran down six soldiers says it was a deliberate act targeting security forces but lease are searching for a bmw he calls it an odious attack which was without a doubt deliberate soldiers that just come out of their barracks to are said to be in serious condition the soldiers were part of the scented l security force which was created in france after the 2015 attack on these technical charlie hebdo magazine on the pacific ocean island of guam residents of that us territory are concerned after north korean state media reported its military's examining plans to attack the island but guan's governor eddie calvo telling residents there is no changing the threat level resulting from north korea events tensions running high between the us and north korea president trump yesterday threatening fire and fury amid news that north korea can now fit a nuclear warhead onto a missile abc news military analyst in retired marine colonel steve ganyu says the for kim jong own it means this is the most momentous day in his nuclear program because it's the first time the us believes what he wants us to believe that he can reach us with nuclear weapons president trump continuing his working vacation in new jersey abc's learn the trump campaign is turned over more than 20000 documents to the senate judiciary committee investigating russian election interference music legend dalai pardon reflecting on the passing of another while gain campbell was special because he was sell gifted campbell best known for its like rhinestone cowboy died tuesday at eighty one tiger woods will not attend is a today on a dui charge in florida he's blamed a reaction to medication for his arrest you're listening to abc news top local stories from the komo twenty four seven news.

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