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NFL player to announce that he is gay, the Raiders defensive lineman making the announcement on his social media, while adding that he will be donating $100,000 to the Trevor project, which is a suicide prevention group for LGBTQ. Youth Now back in 2014. Michael Sam announced that he was gay after he was drafted, but he never made an active team's roster. There have been 15 former players that have come out after they retired from the NFL. In a statement, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league is proud of Carl, for quote courageously sharing his true today. Representation matters, while other messages of support across the NFL community and beyond have been coming in on social media as well. And Minnesota Vikings rookie defensive tackle Jaylen Twyman has been shot four times while visiting a family member in Washington, D. C. 20 minutes, agent Drew Rosenhaus saying, however, that trial and will be okay. And that it was a quote, wrong place. Wrong time situation. He did not need surgery and X rays came back negative. The Vikings selected the University of Pig graduate in the sixth round of this year's NFL draft. And the NBA playoffs continue on Tuesday with Game two of the Western Conference finals where you have the Phoenix Suns taking on the Los Angeles Clippers with the sons having a one Oh lead Clippers guard Kawai Leonard will not play once again as he is going to be out with a right sprained knee, and then on Wednesday, you have the Eastern Conference finals, starting up between the Milwaukee Bucks and Atlanta Hawks. That your sports on the Fox News run down my guns. Woman, Fox News. With round the clock protection at a great price. Your progressive policy works the way it's supposed to. Unlike this an enthusiastic hype, man,.

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