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The corner. Tatum for three missed it. Great box out by Mason, Plumlee rebound comes down to Millsap back over to Monte Moore's Morris. Wait. So Plumlee gets the front court gets it to Beasley for three. Yes. That's big nuggets lead at ninety one to eighty two. So that's an eleven to two run for Denver on the road in Boston. Marcus smart goes to the rim, reverse layup is good. That was the leaks. I three of the game. He was one for six and that just goes to show how far he just can keep shooting at he's still confident and knocking down those big shots late game. Monty Morris has another high pick and roll with Mason Plumlee, they throw out of the two Tory. Craig? Craig goes to the right hand stops those back behind him to Monterey five on the shot clock. He goes to the left, hand Beasley will try three. That one short rebound tipped out of balance of that was tipped by Tatum. Right in front of the referee. Tori, Craig's the only one making the argument. You gave up on a pretty quick. Inbound goes to Marcus smart. And Boston will try and chew into that nugget lead less than nine minutes to go. How long you can leave kyri on the bench here at the mid court circle of smart. He's got it out there, by Beasley good pick by Tatum. Denver switches that top of the key over the Horford hands it off, but over the smart smart whips at the corner. Three-point arose years got nothing. Ninety one hundred eighty seven by four. Monte Moore's has it at the mid court circle. Gotta by rose year bounce pass over to Mason back behind him to Millsaps Millsaps Jap wants to Horford hands-off behind him to Monte Moore's Moore's puts it on the floor back the Millsaps. He'll Chhaya three Horford loose ball the Millsaps. Now, he attacks in the corner. Three. Foulis will begin its Millsaps. After the past third one of those we've seen tonight. And by the way, basam switched to three point. That's not gonna count. Celtics do such a good job of getting the right position defensively they recognize that the nuggets do a lot of jump passes. There are a lot of times out of control and they drive into land. They get up in the air. They don't know what they're gonna do. Once they're up there. So Boston has done a really good job. Snyder of getting in front of the nuggets and taking charges. Nicola Yokich comes back in for Denver Millsaps. We'll get the breeder momentum's shift back to the Celtics after the timeout smart. Has it goes to the left hand through the window to Horford Horford gets it down to the elbow? Throws. Top of the key smart. Head fake on the three gets down the lane. Layup is up. No, good rebound tapped by joker right over the Plumlee out the pass. He throws it away. Right down to smart goals riverside missed it tipple, go either. And the rebound comes down to, Tori. Craig? Greg has it on the high left side hands off the Montaigne? Moore's point Mason was wide. Open. Downloaded? And here comes Monte Moore's again, lobs it over Yokich drives on smart throws it in the paint. Layup is up and in by, Tori. Craig good. Look thereby to the Yokich, Tori, Craig is having himself a night to seventeen minutes, but he has thirteen points and seven boards at the mid court circles Rosiere it out there by Mancini Moore's bounce pass. Over to Tatum, Tatum the corner Orford three dot net. His four three pointer the game nuggets lead us down to a ninety three to ninety. Nicoli Yoka Chazan on the high left side hands it optimally. Beasley gives him a big Beasley goes through the lane. Leans in layup good good, strong moved to the rack by me. Beasley rose year has it. The other way seven minutes left to go in the basketball game. Rosiere maintains the dribble. Top of the key to Marcus smart left side over to Tatum. Tatum's gets Baynes pick moves off of that back over to Baynes in the low black doesn't wanna deal on ilk. It's dribbles out of it hands. It off too smart for three missed it off the back of the rim and the rebound comes down to, Tori. Craig Maliki cannot hit that screen. He's gotta either go under and get around quicker or go over it. And not even let him catch that basketball. Monte Moore's has it. Hi, left side top and yoga's for three. Yes, that's big ninety eight to ninety.

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