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Pre diabetes pre high blood pressure at the doctors will say we're going to put johnson medication now before before it gets bad and i'm not sure i like that approach and the reason is that if we have something coming on wouldn't it be better to fix it before it hits i mean if my engine like comes out of my car what do i do i go to mechanic it i savaged mechanic i don't know what's wrong here but could you please take a look at this and then fix it for me and they say yassin and we move on from there but what i see so often with a healthcare is i something's going to happen in the future what might happen in the future so why don't we just go ahead and just put adds medication i'm not knocking the medical profession please understand that i'm on my i love medicine i love drugs i love surgery when it's necessary but if i have certain it's about to happen i would want to get it fixed so would break pre diabetes is a new thing i pre high blood pressure is is another one a knock and talked too much about that today but that's another one so your your blood pressure she's a little high we got to do something about it and we'll put your meds but had a patient khamanei other day in his mother was really sick and she had bronchitis and she went to hospital and they said well we don't know what kind of bronchitis it is so hear some antibiotics which took the biotic senate really messed up a colon and shed pain and she died gastritis flareups and then she had constipation because the antibiotics kill off good bacteria as well as killing off bad bacteria and so that's a of an issue could killed.

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