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The rocky mountain west news radio time is one o'clock I'm Susan would get our top story of fatal wreck his shut down a metro area freeway all of the information right now with traffic and weather together with Rick Morgan Rick we have this crash on C. for seventy where is it are there do you two hours of the crash is right in between can Caroline bowls and the axe investigation continues I was so close you're still in place two eighty five in can Carol good news Kipling and two eighty five is your all sort of both heading westbound and eastbound when they take you off used to eighty five in Kipling take a little extra time but those alternates look like they're they're moving along rather well right now considering the rest of the highway drive busy we'd expected specially soul on west bound to seventy head across commerce city from the I. seventy interchange over to Vasquez looks like there's a crash adding to the usual slow down also that refer response six up on I twenty five still pretty slow north of town so someplace and I twenty five Johnston was a clear that wreckage this report sponsored by figure dot com homeowners have you heard about figure dot com to give you fast easy access your home equity should pay off high interest debt sooner it takes five minutes they can find you in just five days that's figured out com figure lending LLC and MLS number seventeen seventeen EST twenty four Iraq war going on Kayley newsradio Colorado's news traffic weather so over time just will not let go even though we're approaching the unofficial end of summer on this Labor Day weekend temperatures running above normal today by factors seven degrees with pride ninety two.

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