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I trust him about what he does and then be behind Ward manual because I love Michigan. If Ward needs a GPS signal from the big house to Ford Field, just Oh, Chris Berman wants a breakdown. Kevin Fields. I think Chris listens on our facility in 12 70 Detroit weekdays at three. Feel free to call me during the holidays. I got Some down time Doug scheme. You can hear him with Chris Ballas on the Wolverine football podcast at the wolverine dot com. Former Michigan offensive lineman like I said Five time. Big 10 Jamba. How many? How many college players Doug? Have you ever looked it up or just Googled yourself? Because everybody's Google themselves. Have you ever Googled yourself and said how many college football players have ever been a five time conference champion? I have not done that. I've done it on Lee in relation to Michigan. OK? How many missiles and five time champions are in Michigan. My knowledge. There was one class that did it, and it was our class 1988. We were We were there, and every year we were the everyone that big tent, so there's There's 14 guy. Wow, that stayed for 1/5 year. So the mind knowledge unless I'm wrong, and I'm not a Michigan football historian, and I just went back to the old media guides and what's available online? It was only one class that went through and 14 guys to ever do it to get a big 10 title every year. And I was part of that. So it's Yeah. It's pretty cool to say I was a part of that. In in, You know, I think in the in the course of history and looking back on it, it's given me for some perspective on some things. It's certainly taught me a lot of things. But when I talk about Michigan football and in balance, and I talked about this a lot of our podcast, I always framed my references. So what? I was taught the expectations that I had placed upon me with my classmates when we were there, which oh, by the way, produced five Big 10 championships. So when we look at Michigan football now, and I start talking about things that I see that either are or are not working. That's in what its relations which what it's relating to is that the formula that worked for decades that sham back or had built the modern era of Michigan football into is what me and my classmates benefit from and what we so desperately want for today's players. We want them to win championships. Doug. I'm gonna work with the College Football Hall of Fame. Where was that? I think that it moved to Atlanta from South Bend. Or is it still in Atlanta? I'm not sure. And we're not gonna get going with directions right now and how to get well, no e think why we go to south bed. You go down 80 92 Toledo would come back West. In Atlanta. God knows you want to drive to Atlanta during the holiday season, when cars are backed up from Tennessee to Georgia. I think that group of 14 belongs in the College Football Hall of Fame. Whoever it is, he used to be in South Bend. It might be in Atlanta. Who knows It's somewhere in between. It's in the smoky mountains. I know the 14 of us were lucky enough. I'm gonna get you into the hall of fame. I'm serious. I'm gonna I'm gonna call that number. Write them a letter there. There are 14 guys who have been five time conference football champions. You belong in the Hall of Fame and the movie 14 will come out. I'll be the director and we'll put you in jail will put you in charge. I will. I will. I will write a letter. It's the least I could do, or at least an email. Or maybe I'll just drop it off. Because if I want to go to South Bend from Grand Rapids, what I do is I go through Toledo down to Cincinnati back over the Indian back up to South man. Well, you missed Chicago. Well, No, I'm taking the scenic route. OK, Doug, we love you, my friend. Bill. Thanks for having me It's always fun and happy New Year Be safe out there have have a good time. You know you too, buddy. We'll talk soon. All right. Bye. Alright, there's Doug Scheme five time victim champion on the offensive line late eighties early nineties, joining us on the draft kings guess line and you can also hear Doug would Chris Palace, the Wolverine football podcast, They break it down. It's a must listen. Go to the wolverine dot com to listen to the collar is online. Stick around. Your huge opinions are next here on the huge radio network..

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