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Macos shut up chris plante windows were sucking for young girl lender loss solvency popped on the old internet i think you're going to a cool like it welcome back everbody jason and alexis in the morning on my talk a little seven one everything entertainment and everything will run on with oprah on jas with lax and jeneid mass and boy old boy can she wheel the white sabree dawn mclane and rebutted don lightsaber up to lex go ahead and greg doors we can go and cut men's fighting there were no whoa well who oh lightsabres down were that last a little bit of coffee stole from the coffee pot dow's really helped you i help you look seriously levels i needed a guys luxurious look at what you're getting you're getting you're getting better and better as the weeks go on this very very good i i'm not going to beat her on the bush just what i just read and i think you especially folks in our generation people may be thirty five ish an op so it is a huge movie right now the arguably not arguably the biggest movie in the country and it's made stephen king properties very very hot the director of it who had had has a huge affection for the book it on also is entrusted and hasn't even bigger affection for another stephen king classic in his dying to remake it pet cemetery well i read this in the break and i was like yes so see this yes this brave time it's time the i've seen as an anti let me read dear read you what he said he said my affection for pet cemetery will go on until i die i will always dream about the possibility of making our that movie we'll see who gets to at first but it is the first stephen king book that we read and it's something he and his sister who produced the.

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