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And I basically put a list together where I had to strike a number of movies that I've talked about so many times that people just don't want to hear me talk about you've got mail or Apollo 13 or working girl. Again, like four ways and if you know, you guys know. And especially like the romantic comedy genre is to me a specific type of feel good movie. But I realized that, oh yeah, that's ultimately what I carry with me in terms of loving movie experience. That's true. I remember certain movies that really rocked me emotionally or challenged me. But in our nostalgia, rewatchables context. I just want be cozy with my favorite movies. I do too. That doesn't necessarily mean it's all saccharine gloopy stuff. I see a couple of movies on your list that have some complicated feelings, some complicated storytelling that is not always pure happiness. But I think I kind of safety and a security and you know, I think the concept of being seen is a pathetic generational joke at this point, but it also has power. It has meaning to it. So why don't we just do our list? Okay. What's your number 5? Speaking of Ivan reitman. That's right. Dave. Yes. D, which we did have rewatchables on, right? It was me and Bill. We did them. This is one of the ones I had on VHS, and, you know, I just think of Kevin Kline at the weird auto factory. Oh yeah, Sean just showed he has it on. Is that Blu-ray? Shots? It's blue, right. Sean has an interesting collection. Thank God. When the apocalypse comes Sean's physical library has preserved Dave, I'm happy. I'll come over and come over. Yes. But, you know, this is the, you know, when Kevin Kline goes to auto factor and he's like, I once had a fish. This big with the giant arms also going this big, which I just thought was the funniest joke when I was 8 years old. But this is if a possibly not possibly. Certainly an optimistic view of the American government. And the American political system, but this is about one guy being good can make a difference and can bring the good in everybody else while also being quite funny..

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