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Everyone who listens us on ninety three in New Orleans. All right. Thank you off having zero tasty are appreciated now riana olive is a rapper whose rap alias her. Aka is game over ridi anybody ever heard of. Okay. You ought to. I don't know if you think New Orleans tonight, but the rest of the country may be familiar with her because of a social media challenge. She started. This is a fun fact, ladies and get them grab you. Memo on your phone. I do have a fun fact that will absolutely never be double jeopardy answer. But it may it may be the answer to a question on BT's black card revoked, okay, if you are ever to the originator of the four the D challenges. Now, you have your answer game overeating. Well, at least that's what she said. And it might have just Futre. Let's listen to her stake. Our claim to fame. I'm the originator of the free. I love three thousand Erica. Bye. Do Michael lexin. Everybody who I seen. I I loved it. I haven't received no extra benefit from this own. I'm highly because the credit that deserve and eleven affect that. The celebrities are doing I'm loving. I just want them to new waking. He came for me. Obama. Along cpos got this from reading, okay, y'all clear before challenge came from for reedy. Okay. Ninety we've all been lightened on who created the forty challenge. Let me explain to you getting donkey of the day. See Rona was arrested this week, and she was booked on child desertion charges. No the version you decide to saving. Desertion desert charges. Okay. Why does she charged desserts? WWL TV PVS four for the report police was arrested in Saint Bernard parish after she allegedly sent her five year old child alone in a ridesharing service. Riana Oliver about artists known as game Radi. Took the driver told the driver rather take the child from home and shown that to a school in New Orleans that driver told Oliver that he could not give a ride to a child without an adult. But she went back inside the home driver, then took the child to the Saint Bernard sheriff substation in era. Be Oliver was booked with child desertion and has since bonded out. Dave over really, listen, we live in this era where child traffickings at an all time high in America. Oh, I don't know if that time high, but I do know one point two million people at traffic traffic each year. Okay. Why are you making it easy for them? All right. There's nothing five-year-old is capable of doing without a Goto provision. Not to mention the way. My is set up the way my paranoia works. The way I constantly worry about the safety of all three of my children. I need to know how you felt comfortable putting your five year old in a lift with a total stranger drive was actually sounds like something stupid person would do for the D. Okay. I'll put my five year old in the lift himself for the d. All right. Let me find out game over eighty that. You would mean for you decided to throw your child to get back to the now. That's just me speculating, so let's not run with that. All right. Let's pick the what she said. She said she wasn't feeling. Well and said that she had been told that it was okay to do that. Right. Here's the thing about being a parent, and I can only speak on this. Because I am indeed a parent. It's not about you. All right. You don't get sick days when you apparent NBA line? No, okay yesterday. I tried to lay around the house all day for my three. Oh, okay. My daughter wanted to play the ten though, I gotta play Nintendo. My daughter wants to play pimple Pete board game. I gotta play people people board game. My daughter wants to play Bobby dream. I gotta play Barbie dream house. Okay. I was Gabby Douglas, by the way, she got a little Gabby Douglas topic. But definitely need the hand of that story is no matter how tired I wasn't no matter. How feeling what my child wanted to do came first and game over ridi that being a parent is all about. Okay. If you didn't feel well, call the lift in child in school. Bring you back home. What's so difficult about that? Now when all these people are doing they can talk about all these crazy nut ask things they can do for the. But don't none of that matter if you aren't willing to do the simplest things for your child. Okay. Who is give Arianna Oliver aka game over ridi sweet sounds of the hand with. John..

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