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Listened to just my tracking now it's just me. Responding to questions that no one is asking weird. Really. Weird. Ed. It's like better some yeah. I understood. Better. I understood the movie better. That's it. I tried to talk about everything but the movie yeah. That's should be the name of our podcast everything but the movie. Yeah. Dame sometimes. Sometimes. It's you know we get off track a little Yeah. I think we're getting better though about the like talking over each other thing I feel like I do it a lot and. I'm really trying to just sometimes you know you just got Scott Shut your gap for a little while. But you know then crims the creative editing. Each Other. Is Are. You don't do much editing. It's very much. What we say is what's put out there in the world that would be incredible. Somewhere. There's just little deleted chunks of me going Making noises because I can't seem to. Not Make noises. I wonder if I compare him back to back as many times as we say just to see how long while. would. It would go for days. Yeah. It would end and madness. As. Every one of our podcasts seems to do guess true especially the ones that stretch on for a while I'd like to think that we're getting smarter but really I think you pointed out the other day that Yeah you know we're pushing out the good information and low Yap shit like. Who the fuck is Jim Connell you know, right If we ever get on jeopardy and there is A. You Know Alan Fudge category than we can just all take fudge for five hundred and yet. I love a five hundred. That's his memoir I am the fudge. Alan please guide us. Like our patron saint. Can we get him at a medallion I could wear it around my neck and remember kids he your fudge. So. Much. But we need something to protect ourselves from these pesky frigging. GARGOYLES YEP They're spawns of Satan I think I found out today. I didn't really do a lot of research when I walked this the first time in the I guess I just realized that it's actually there in the Old Testament and I mean, it actually does say Gargoyles I.

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