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From the W. T. M. J breaking News Center on Rusty Mellberg. This evening's Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission meeting could bring an end to the 10 year of police Chief Alfonzo Morales, the commission's chair. Stephen Do Bogus tells Team J. For news Theoden Shin oven agenda item that could fire suspend or demote Morales is intended to allow the F PC to discuss their options. It comes as deadlines for some of the 11 directives they issued morale is last month have arrived. In response, Milwaukee police issuing an executive order of the directives, saying they have a number of factual errors, unclear requirements and legal issues. Mayor Tom Barrett also weighing in asking the F PC to end the Vogue, asses, tenures chair and conducting an orderly review of Morales and the directives. Disappointment is still sitting in for those who played pivotal roles and bringing the Democratic National Convention to Milwaukee now that Joe Biden and many of its visitors won't be coming bid committee chair Alex Last retells the BT M. J. There's still a lot of work ahead. We want have basketball back in Milwaukee. We want to make sure that we can have this convention. Maybe even a potentially a championship parade are events in the near future. We have to take this seriously. Unfortunately, no cases have been on the rise in Wisconsin, Lazarus says. Just by securing the bid, Milwaukee willbe a destination for other events. The National Guard will again assist at polling places during next Tuesday's primary. State election officials say clerks are at least 900 workers short due to the cove in 19 pandemic. Guard members will work in their home county and begin to receive training on Sunday over 2400 helped at polling places during the April general elections. The Washington Ozaki Public Health Department investigating a number of covert 19 cases that may have spread during recent high school.

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